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PDF Compress: Reducing the Size Without Losing the Quality

We are living in the era of technology. Everything comes online throughout the process. Documents are now usually in the form of a soft copy and come in various formats.

PDF is one of the most common file extensions. Adobe created it and serves a unique purpose in handling documents. Whatever the format is, a data breach is quite common in the digital world. Thus, compressing a file like PDF is highly beneficial.

What are the Steps to Compress PDF Files?

We have first to familiarize ourselves with the different platforms that offer this service and choose the best among them. PDF compress is one option GogoPDF offers. 

The following are the steps we have to remember when we are going to compress a PDF file. 

  • Select the PDF file you want to compress and then drag it towards the conversion box.  
  • Take note that when this process is done, GogoPDF will now work on our PDF file. GogoPDF will do the process of compression.
  • Be able to wait for the process to complete. Don’t be in a hurry, the platform will ensure the quality of our files.
  • When the process is completed, the PDF file is now compressed.
  • Download the file to your computer for you to access it.

It has key features that make it unique from the other online platforms. The following are the features it possesses that make compressing easy and smooth.

  • It offers a fast method of resizing the files.

We just have to wait for a few seconds to change the size of our document. In short, it lessens the hassle of waiting and processing.

  • It ensures a high standard and quality output.

This lessens not only the hassle in reducing the size but also great in giving a high-resolution product.

  • The platform is versatile and compatible with any operating system.

We don’t have to worry anymore about the device we are using. This serves as the most ideal PDF compressor, as it does not require a specific operating system to work.

Why do we have to compress a PDF file?

There are multiple ways to compress PDF files. But before anything else, let us understand the benefits of compressing PDF files.

It causes no change in the file compressing.

A PDF file can serve as a temporary pack for multiple files. It can carry different documents in one file and you can still unlock it causing no damage or changes to the documents.

It reduces the space of the file by about 50%.

Sometimes we have to send files that take up a large space. This is something that brings hassle in sending as some applications do not allow this. Thus, compressing the file is the most suitable way to do the process.

Compressed PDF files are easy to share.

Since it has become smaller, it is now easy to share. Most applications prefer documents that consume low space.

When files are compressed, their portability increases.

The fact that files get smaller when compressed leads to an analogy that we could carry the documents wherever we want to go. It provides ease in transferring files from one medium to another. An example of this is the transferring of files in the USB drive.

It can save and preserve more storage for the device.

Compressing PDF files allows us to deal with the storage of our devices wisely. It helps us to lessen the space it took up in our storage.

Compressed PDF files add more security to the documents.

Since the files were compressed, it is now hard to access without downloading the complete documents. Thus, it allows us to secure our files from unauthorized access.

What we need to know about PDF Compress?

PDF compress is the primary protection we could give to our PDF files. It prevents data breaching that happens almost every day in many companies. Important documents are being hacked because of weak security or precautionary measures. It’s best to secure sensitive information than risk regretting it in the future.

PDF format is the best one to consider when sharing a document. Compressing it makes it very easy for us to upload files with proper security. It helps us to save our space in storage for future use.


It is not anymore new to us that we are all living in the digital world. We have met a lot of advancement in many aspects. Editing documents is a lot easier on an online platform as compared to manually writing it.

This implies the obligation we must always remember when we are dealing with online transactions and sharing of data.

Compressing files makes it easy for us to secure, reduce the size, and maintain the quality of our files. PDF compress should not be an option when aiming these. Though there are a lot of ways we can do it, there is the best platform for it.

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