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Secure Your Excel Files by Converting Them to PDF!

Together with the brainchildren of countless great people, we have moved from scratch into a technologically advanced society today. But, are you aware that numbers and data played a big part in these advancements? Yes, they helped a lot in scientific research, but they also are a significant advantage in finance and statistics. Thanks to electronic spreadsheets that we can use presently, complex computations have been made a lot more manageable. 

All you have to do now is open your spreadsheet software, input data, and wait for the results! Despite their massive benefit, numbers may be a lot more complicated for laypeople. There’s also the issue of security and graphic integrity. If you want to ensure your Excel files’ safety, stay tuned and find out how to achieve this goal!

Excel to PDF conversion

The answer that you’re looking for is pretty simple. You just have to convert XLS to PDF! Not sure why? Well, here’s a brief introduction for you. The portable document format, more commonly known as PDF, is a standard file format that functions as a print-like image of your document. Find out more about why you can secure your files by doing this trick below.

Provides great security

Perhaps the most secure of all file types is the PDF. Well, you could place several types or layers of security, depending on your taste. For instance, you may be satisfied with superimposing a watermark atop your document to ensure confidentiality and copyright. Of course, the most valuable benefit of doing this is that you can password-protect PDFs.

You can impose two levels of encryption. These two levels are more commonly known as user and owner passwords. To simply describe them, authorized people can use the user-password to open the file. On the other hand, the owner-password allows the PDF owner to restrict the possible actions that the people accessing the file can do. For instance, they can limit printing or copying the contents of the file.

Given how sensitive data can be, it’s only natural that you want to ensure that they remain safe all the time. What’s a better way to achieve that other than converting your Excel to PDF? This way, you can rest assured that only those who know the password can access the file. Of course, you would have to wisely choose the appropriate person to whom you’re going to give authority.

Preserves graphic integrity

Another reason to convert your XLS files to PDF is that it can preserve the graphic integrity of your document.  Simply put, since PDFs substantially act as print-like images of your file, they will appear the same no matter what computer or software you use to open them. This benefit is particularly advantageous as ensuring data accuracy is necessary.

Aside from that, you wouldn’t want any changes to your file when you share it with others. To prevent them from making changes, converting Excel to PDF is the correct thing to do. PDFs are generally challenging to edit as you would have to pay for software. Of course, there are free third-party web-based tools that you can use as an alternative. 

How can I convert my Excel files to PDF?

Though doing the file conversion is indeed beneficial for you, you might not have the necessary tools or software to achieve it. If it were in the past, you’d probably have no idea how to convert them. Fortunately, online Excel to PDF converters is present on the web today. All you have to do is to search for one and convert your file!

You might be doubtful of the websites you’ll find on the web. It is completely fine! After all, it is entirely natural for you to keep your guard up when your files might contain sensitive information. In this regard, we recommend using PDFBear’s Excel to PDF conversion tool. It is a free and secure web-based tool you can use to do the job.

Convert your Excel to PDF with PDFBear.

Here’s a short guide on the steps you’ll have to do using the file converter of PDFBear.

  1. Go to PDFBear.
  2. Select your Excel file and upload it to the website.
  3. PDFBear automatically converts your XLS to PDF.
  4. Once you see a download link on your screen, simply click it and save your file!

Final thoughts

Regarding dealing with numerical data, it is necessary to keep them secure and the same all the time. You can achieve these by converting your Excel files to PDF. This way, you can impose password encryption on your PDFs, and no changes will be made on it even if you share it with other people. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your XLS files, go to PDFBear, and start converting your files today!

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