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The Most Innovative EdTech Startups in 2022

Education has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of technology developments in 2020 and 2021. As the coronavirus pandemic pushed learning online, the startups stepped in to cover the gap. Students can now get online exam help or assistance with homework through apps 24/7. 

Tech companies have focused on content creation and delivery to cover for the physical absence of the teacher. Technology is also helping students to draft their papers using a microphone without typing on the keyboard. Here are EdTech companies that have stolen the limelight in 2021. 


The company started in 2015 but 2021 has been its most pivotal year. At its foundation, the company sort to make online learning fun. It targets students between 3 and 18 years. The developers provide exciting and unique virtual extracurricular activities. These activities have been the lifeline for parents during the pandemic.

In 2020, the number of accounts on the platform rose from 80,000 to 1.6 million in just six months from March to October. Parents love the platform because of the flexible nature of lessons on offer. For instance, you can access a lesson for as low as $5. You also have the option of subscribing for daily or weekly access. 

Outschool is available on all devices as an app. You may also choose to access the platform via the web. Once you purchase content, it will be available eternally on your account. Outschool has served as a lifeline for students, teachers, and parents looking for the most innovative student activities as well as ideas. 


The translocation to online schools complicated the management of students and the delivery of content. Institution managers needed a platform with a dashboard and enough data to manage student information, activity, and behavior online. The unique needs in the social-distancing age led to increased uptake of Classter. 

Classter is a comprehensive education management system with billing, CRM, communication, reports, and registration portals. Teachers, students, and guardians will be reading from the same page regarding the student in the class. 

Classter is available to meet the needs of all institutions from simple kindergartens to complex universities. The system is designed to allow all account holders and institutions to implement GDPR requirements seamlessly. The system is efficient and built on the MS Azure platform. It has all the features you need to handle the most complex education institution. 


Most of the EdTech companies in 2021 are trying to offer the best online learning experience. Ruangguru is a Jakarta-based live streaming education company serving millions in different grades. The popularity of Ruangguru is attributed to the engaging nature of their live streams. 

A teacher does not require advanced expertise in technology and online streaming to use the platform. It comes with a simple interface that allows students to engage during a lesson without distracting the tutor. 

Ruangguru also comes with a content section. The content is skillfully crafted for kids at different academic levels. Professional production makes the content invaluable for college students. It is an opportunity for students to learn using the most engaging materials anywhere and at any time. 


The internet has become an unsafe place for students of different ages. From pornographic content to phishing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to allow students to connect online. Differ is providing a solution to this challenge. 

Differ was founded in 2015 to help students to interact seamlessly in college. In 2020 and 2021 when social distancing became the norm, meeting and making friends became a challenge. Differ stepped in to provide social networking opportunities. 

Differ comes with a chatbox where students can interact and create opportunities. The students create informal chats and group conversations to discuss classroom projects. It will help you to locate the best go now services for students who need help with assignments. 

Educators use the platform to create ‘classrooms’ where they share content and manage larger groups. Students can also find peers with common interests and hobbies in their community. It amounts to taking socialization during learning to a new level. 

EdTech companies have made learning easier in 2021. Old platforms were revived even as new ones emerged. At the end of the day, students, parents, guardians, and managers have a lot of technology to meet various education management needs.

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