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I run a full-service store for dogs, and I LOVE it

“Can I wash my dog? Can’t it be that hard? Is 1500 double-ended bath enough for giving bath to dogs?” I hear these words every day as I work at the dog care centers.

Whenever I walk through this process, I wonder why something so simple is so hard to explain in the world. It may seem easy to wash your own dog, but – only when you think of and speak “dog” – your own dog’s language. 


There are dogs and owners of all ages, all races, and all the temperaments involved in the self-service washing of doggies.

Most owners are nervous, some afraid, and some cocky, but regardless of who they are or what they do for a lifetime, nothing is so daunting for them than to wash their own dog in public. Even the trustworthy person, performance anxiety, and for good reasons will think this way. 

For the individual and the accompanying dog, it is an accurate test of faith, patience, and friendship. And it is an honest mirror of the owner at a very simple level, and how he or she approaches life and conflict.

The probability that they will succeed depends entirely on the psychological connection between them and, to a great extent, on the capacity of both to understand each other’s body language.

It would shock you to hear that I found dogs to be supremely better than their people to read their people.

Theories of bathing dogs are the same as humans 

There is a lot to say about the hypotheses of why dogs and people do the way they do, but when bathing your own dog I will get back to the practical things you need to find.

The ultimate thing to recall is that the energy and personality qualities of your dog represent yourselves including 1500 double-ended baths. Taking this into account while trying to get him into the bathroom to make him comfortable. 

  • Decide when the dog will bathe.
    Characteristics of time and personality: timing is critical. See your own time needs to know how your dog will react. Are you the person who is always ready for anything? Or do you need to conduct your day systemically and in an organized way? What are you doing about new experiences? Do you find them cool and enjoyable, or are you afraid to have a new activity in comfort? Your dog handles a bath in the same way as you treat life experiences. Recall that your dog will not represent the characteristics you show the world but the traits that are really in you. 
  • Humans that love fun, are extroverts, and social.
    You can get your dog if you enjoy daily physical exercise. I recommend taking your dog for a drink before the bath for this sort of person and dog. I bless us to have a beach reserved for the dogs and their people in the town where I live, on the shore, dog beach. There is a long path to walk on, and wide swimming and the playing area are accessible at the beach. This is the ideal pre-bath plan. The dog may opt for muddiness, hiking, being social, or simply enjoying out. The dog will spend a lot of energy on the outside in a fun way, much like making people play before naptime. 


Do anything like that for your dog if you like to practice before you take him into your own bath or experienced dog bathroom.

The social dog and owner’s popular fault: Just because you are a nice, outgoing individual does not mean that everyone wants to embrace your outgoing and friendly behavior.

I know it is difficult to understand, but it is real. It is easy to forget that many dogs (like the owners of their dogs) are not social and don’t like others’ social requirements if you are a really social dog (if you are a social person).

If it is public or otherwise, please remember to respect their room. Keep your dog under check and restrained, even with the friendliest intentions of your dog. 

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  • Human beings who are non-social, active, or inactive.
    I always recommend that you move your dog or do something comfortable for your life, which requires light exercise before you bathe your dog if your personality does not contribute to social interaction. When you walk with your dog, it is wonderful for people and dogs to relieve extra anxiety or stress. And
    1500 double-ended bath is unnecessary. 
  • Human and dog language barriers.
    No wonder miscommunication sometimes occurs between owner and dog. You do not understand why your dog does what he does, mind, you learn a completely original language and culture if you are a human. Give yourself time to understand each other and give your dog time. Just do not expect your dog, particularly during war, to behave like a human. For someone to learn a new human language, it takes time and practice. There is no other dog in language learning. We all know how a human smile in culture can be perceived. When a dog pulls over his teeth, it rarely means he is glad. Would a human dream of welcoming a new friend by sniffing his ass? Alright. But this is the equivalent of shaking hands in the doggie language. A dog who shakes his head to get his mouth off does not differ from a human who lulls his slacks or pounds his shirt to look cute.

Why Choose Bathtub from The Royal Bathrooms

Wherever you wash your dog, take your own physical limits and physical limitations into account. Will it be worth it to wreck your bathroom and injure your dog at home?

The response is definite for the customers I see, no. Dogs are often influenced by emotional requirements and 1500 double-ended bath.

For instance, Labrador retrievers do not have a problem with being bathed in a lake (although they do not get clean), but often dislike being kept back in a bathroom with a sprayer hose pointing at them. 

For a farm dog that was never away from home, it is a safer option to tie them to the fence than to move them to the area and to ask them for their manner in a grooming shop or in a populated lake.

They are still familiar, as per the research by the bathroom stores, with where they are and what they expect from them, even with cold water, at least next to the fence. Have fun!

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