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Everything You Need To Know About Sewer Inspections for Older Homes

In many cases, an older home is a more desirable option as these types of houses are often larger, have more spacious rooms, and have a lot of character. Of course, older homes may also have more issues. That’s why it’s essential, whether you are just buying a home or have lived in one for years, you should have regular inspections done.

One inspection that is often overlooked is the sewer inspection. But, considering an issue with the sewer pipes can cause them to back up and spread sewage into your home, you will; probably find an inspection desirable. 

Price Negotiation

A sewer inspection should be done before you purchase a house in the same way that you would commission an inspection of the electrics or wood in the building. If a problem is discovered then you’ll need to chat with the seller. 

They can either sort the repair before you buy the house or they can effectively reduce the price to allow you to afford it after the house has been purchased. 

Don’t forget, the sewer pipe is the responsibility of the property owner until it reaches the main pipe. As long as it’s on your property you’ll have to dig it up and repair it. 

What’s Involved In A Sewer Inspection

If you look at the path the sewer pipe takes you’ll be able to locate the inspection cover. The route is identified on your plans when looking at buying the house. There may be more than one inspection hatch. The aim of the hatch is to allow you to check the inside of the pipe and release any blockages. 

Most professionals will use a pipe inspection camera. This is placed inside the pipe and gently guided forward with the aid of a rod. At the same time, it relays images of the inside of your sewer pipe. You’ll be able to see if things are sticking to the side of the pipe. 

The camera will help you locate any clogs, whether they are partial or complete. It will also identify and breaks in the pipe.

Pipes can become cracked and broken from age. However, it is more common for them to be damaged due to excessive pressure on the ground above them or when tree roots have made their way into the pipes.

The problem with tree roots isn’t just that they damage the pipe and cause a clog. Alongside replacing the damaged section of pipe you will need to trim the roots or potentially eliminate the tree. 

It’s worth knowing that before you get started. 


Whether you are looking to buy the house or already own it you should note that the cost of digging up your yard to replace a damaged section of pipe can be surprisingly high. The pipe is usually deep, you may have concrete above it, and it can be difficult to replace a section of it. 

That’s why you should have a pipe inspection undertaken regularly, even if you own the property. It will help to ensure you have advance warning of issues and can take action.

Don’t forget that a clog doesn’t automatically mean the pipe is damaged. The specialists will use special tools to eliminate the clog and then they can use the sewer camera again to assess if there is any damage to the pipe. Clogs can form because the wrong things are put down the pipes. 

The Bottom Line

The cost of a sewer inspection is negligible, especially when compared to the cost of repairing your pipes. That’s why it’s worth having an inspection done and putting your mind at rest.

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