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Making Your Stained Floors Worth It: Flooring Budget 101

Are you planning to stain your concrete floors in your properties? Staining is a cost-efficient way to revive the concrete floors’ appeal. You see the floors that have no any damage at all. And all you see are fading colors or cloudy surfaces that may be due to dust and dirt that had stuck on the surface.

Concrete floor staining involves simple steps and basic floor resurfacing requirements. This method emphasizes the use of concrete coloring. Most floors look stunning with a plain but polished look, and a floor that shines has that, and you will not need anything more.

A picky homeowner often finds it hard to decide what flooring design or interior set up to create in their properties. If you can relate to this situation, why not start with applying stained concrete floors Houston, and you will learn all the essentials of planning for redecorating your floors.

Stained Concrete Floors Unravelled

Let’s take a bit closer look at stained concrete. The staining application frequents most interior floors, and concrete stains stay longer on the flooring surface than any concrete coloring or paint.

The compound gets inside the core of the slabs. It fills the pores in the cement and turns an ordinary grey concrete material into a colorful one. Stains also make it look that the concrete has a natural warm earthy color.

How Much Does Staining Concrete Cost

The average cost of stained concrete is $ 700 per 100 square feet. The price varies depending on the location and the time of year concrete materials are supplied.

The staining method is suitable for existing concrete flooring where no obvious damages exist. Some may want to resurface the floors with tiles as it is also one of the materials which cost less than any other application.

Installing tiles will start around $1100 per 100 sq. feet, installation materials and labor included. The practical benefit of tiles is that you can purchase a piece and fox a spot on the tiles where the damage exists.

Staining will cost you less, obviously. But before you go ahead and apply this, get some facts straight with things to consider when planning for this project. This will also help you break down the cost you need to prepare.

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Factors to Consider for a Basic Flooring Project

It will start with asking what do you want? But even with that starting point, the canvass in your mind still goes empty. Well, here are some basics to get started.

  • Location or area of installation
  • Type of staining, acid or water-based
  • Condition of the flooring
  • Existing materials on the flooring
  • Aesthetic preference
  • Downtime

Now let’s look closer at each factor one by one.

Space Factor

Looking at where you want to apply stained concrete will be your starting point. Staining used to be for indoor floors only, but now you may apply this among garages, driveways, and patios.

Before you choose, the flooring area should pass if et fits with epoxy. There will be cases of concrete garage floors that will not suit epoxy. A reliable flooring contractor may advise you to use other applications such as staining.

Your space matters, and its location matters. You may budget your project after an expensive flooring material. But what if you will only need less. This basic idea will help you save or even save yourself from getting loans for your home improvement.

Existing materials

For example, you are thinking of revamping the garage areas. It previously got bare concrete on it.

Now you are thinking of leveling up its design or aesthetic. You got epoxy floors as a common got to option for garages. Experts of  Tampa epoxy floors will first recommend you to assess the flooring condition.

With too many damages on the floors, installers may require you to apply proxy floors instead of staining. Or if it got tiles, you have to look at how much damages the tile shave. You may want to keep most of them if one pice only got hotels ar crackers n it.

Time and duration of the project

Lastly, consider how long you would like to finish your project. For example, in choosing which repair process to use with your genes, you need to put up a privacy fence as fast as possible. So you would instead select a fast-install vinyl fence than concrete once because it requires a time cure.

The same goes switch the floors. You may want to revamp the driveways flooring and think of resurfacing the concrete with stamping. But pouting in overly concrete may take weeks to cure fully.

Why not apply staining for a while, and it can last up to five years? Then you can have the outdoor flooring changed once you decide that it’s time and have your property abandoned for a while to pave the way for significant improvements.

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