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Modular Housing: The Ideal Option for Millennials

Buying one’s own home has been the dream of many individuals who get into adulthood and start making their own money. Still, while decades ago it was relatively easy for young adults to do so, nowadays when the housing market is more unstable than ever before, many find themselves postponing this dream and moving back in with their parents or renting longer than they planned on.

Generationally speaking, millennials didn’t exactly have this transitioning into adulthood easily, at least not in comparison to their parents, considering they got into the workforce during the period of the Great Recession which created financial struggles. Despite the difficulties, there’s one solution this generation can use to their advantage to get a hold of milestones, such as purchase their own home, and consequently, gain independence and start a family – it’s called modular construction!


Why Is Modular Housing Such a Great Option for Millennials?

Also going by the name of prefabricated housing, it’s not that recent of a concept, however, thanks to technology and innovation, it’s been advanced to a higher degree that’s made it much more appealing than ever before.

As there’s a growing interest in prefab designs in Australia, you’re sure to come across quality modular homes Sydney NSW-based that designers and companies create and would be more than happy to help you out in making your dream come true. Now, what makes this home design so special? The following reasons provide a clear answer!

The Affordable Prices

Given that price is one of the first aspects many millennials struggle with when it comes to buying a house, this is the first advantage of modular construction. When you’ve been hit by a recession as soon as you got into the workforce, and you haven’t had sufficient time to save up, this kind of option comes in as highly desirable considering it’s prefabricated.

What this means is, unlike its on-site counterpart, a prefab house costs less both initially and in the long run. Since it goes through a construction process carried out in a factory, where the environment is safe and controlled, there’s significantly more precision when preparing the materials, which also happen to be safer from weather and wildlife damage, as well as from vandalism and theft. Thanks to this, modular homes Sydney and Australia round companies create are less costly when it comes to the upkeep too, as they’re more durable.

The Construction Time

The fact they’re built-in fabricated conditions means they’re less time-consuming too. You’d agree this is a top reason in their favor as most millennials would love to move into their homes as soon as possible. Since the building process goes uninterrupted, unlike on-site construction which is highly dependent on the weather and other outdoor conditions, the building in a facility, the transport to the site, and the assembling doesn’t take longer than a few weeks. Simply said, these homes are built smarter!

Construction Time

The Custom Design Options

One of the myths many people believe is that modular homes Sydney NSW and Australia wide designers produce all look the same, since they’re built-in facilities. This couldn’t be further from the truth, especially now that there’s more flexibility than ever before when choosing the materials and features you require in your dream home. Once you’ve had your modular house constructed and assembled, you also have the option to expand later or add a few changes when you feel like it.

Not only are there endless style possibilities, fit for those seeking minimalism, luxury, or anything in between, but you’ve also got the chance to use this construction to your advantage when you want to make the most of the location too. For example, if you’ve got an incredible view outside, overlooking the coast or mountains, designers can help you get a better view as possible by adding window walls and creating the dreamy outdoor space so you can enjoy and relax.

Moreover, even though Australia is known as a pet-loving nation, pet owners know the struggle with renting or buying apartments and houses around neighbors who aren’t too fond of being close to animals. By owning a prefab home, you’d be able to avoid all this stress and connect with your pet by offering them the best lifestyle, building them rooms and yards all to themselves. After all, pets are family too!

The Green Building Process

Millennials are among the people who are most proud to say they care about the environment. One way of supporting this in real life, or rather putting it to practice, is by being open to the idea of living in prefab homes Sydney and most of Australia have fallen in love with. What’s not to love about them?

The fact they’re made in facilities means there’s significantly less waste as a result of the implementation of machinery that uses the precise measurements of all the materials. The traditional construction industry is a known polluter having in mind it produces about 20 tons of waste every year. In addition, the modular industry also implements more eco-friendly strategies like reducing noise and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reusing, recycling, and repurposing materials when possible – which leads us to the next reason.

Green Building Process

The Sustainable Lifestyle

Anyone into protecting the environment is interested in making a change with their own lifestyle. Millennials can make this happen with prefab construction as it offers more sustainable housing solutions. Besides the addition of WELS-rated water fixtures, and energy-efficient appliances, you can get energy-efficient insulation, ventilation, heating, and cooling, as well as invest in solar power and rainwater collecting systems.

It’s needless to point out all of this put together is of use in cutting down the carbon footprint but that’s not all there is to it; as millennials care about their income and what they invest it in, opting for modular homes Sydney NSW designers offer means they’d also be able to significantly cut down on their expenses in the long run.

Such projects are beneficial for those looking forward to drastically changing their lifestyles and fully going off-grid. How’s that for sustainability? On a final note, as this market is getting more competitive, it’s advisable to do your homework in finding a reliable company that would provide you with the home you need to call your own – meeting your needs regarding the price, design, style, and sustainability.

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