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NBA Stream: Best Sites to watch live NBA?

The NBA season is upon us! 

The intense rush of adrenaline, pumping our blood every time we hear this statement doesn’t even begin to explain our excitement.

The NBA season 2021-22 already commenced on October 19, 2021. And, needless to mention that the hardcore fans have memorized all the other important dates like a priest memorizes a Bible. 

Now, imagine watching the NBA Steam free of cost! Can life actually be so wonderful this Christmas season?

Yes, it can! You can enjoy the games in the best quality with these free streaming applications. Read more to find out how you can enjoy the game today between the Lakers and Pacers free of cost! 

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Best Sites to watch live NBA Streams

VipBox TV

This streaming is not just appropriate for just NBA fans but all the sports fans out there. VipBox Tv is known for giving you the best baseball, hockey, tennis and rugby experience in full HD. It is easy to use and as of now, it has 4 out of 5 ratings. 

It has also given you information about upcoming events. You can also check the FAQ Board of the upcoming events and the recent games, to gather complete knowledge. 


This is the streaming platform with the highest streaming options, fourteen to be precise. Their diversity of streaming devices is also pretty commendable iPad, mobile phones, and other tablets to name a few. 

The best feature of this website that will make you immediately choose this is being ad-free. Don’t you hate it when advertisements cut your NBA experience short? Therefore, this is the best platform for all the fans who simply want to devour into the gaming experience. 

The only drawback is you might have to download an extension to stream online, this might take up some of the memory of the device. 


This streaming channel you absolutely cannot miss because then you will be missing out on iconic channels like ESPN, NBA TV, and Fox Sports. It is also one of the best platforms for international live streams as time zones can be changed accordingly. 

This streaming platform is also a form of social media. Therefore, it also allows you to find other NBA fans and discuss the game. Although there is so much that this platform is offering you, the navigation is simple for you to access. 

The only drawback would be the annoying pop-up which is for the purpose of Display network marketing.


Whatever you want to know from the NBA world, you can find it here. The name says it all, this streaming platform will give you all the important information related to the game during the season. 

So, when you sit to watch the next game with all the anticipation, nail-biting might be a problem but not your lack of knowledge about the game before. From all the interesting news items to updated schedules to players, teams; it is your personal NBA-pedia. 

The internet feedback is a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5. There is only one announcer from the holders of the local broadcast, this is the only drawback of the broadcaster. 


All the biggest and the latest sporting events can be found on this streaming platform, and it is absolutely free. This is the best platform for you because it doesn’t ask for any personal detail.

You simply have to select the desired NBA streaming platform and you will be directly taken to the site where it is available. All you have to do next is select ‘Watch Now’. Yes, it is that simple! 

The steam quality might not be full HD, but it will definitely give you a good experience. And, to do justice to the application; you will not find any other streaming website which is as straightforward as CrackStreams. 


Buffstreamz is another platform in the free streaming service of NBA, which is known for its high definition streaming which is the best part of streaming something for free. The loading speed is also extremely efficient, 5s to be exact. 

However, you will need to register which is for free. They might ask for your email address but they also ask for you credit card details, which is a peculiar drawback. Since it promises to be free, this detail can make many users uncomfortable. 

Final Note 

NBA free streaming might not be as good as watching LeBron dunk. But watching your favorite game with no extra payment might be the next best thing. 

However, while using any such free streaming platform; be aware of advertisements that can redirect you to a different site. These are some of the sites notoriously known to redirect users to a site which is a security hack waiting to happen. 

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