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Outdated SEO Practices That Could Ruin Your Rankings

Google’s algorithms constantly change. It’s san Diego SEO one of the challenges of search engine optimization. The strategies that used to work before are no longer useful. These changes are understandable since Google will only satisfy users if relevant websites appear on page one. The key is for marketers to adapt to these changes. Understanding outdated strategies like the ones listed below will help. Working with a San Diego SEO company to figure out the best strategies is also advantageous.

Here are some outdated SEO practices to avoid

  • Keyword stuffing.

During the early days of online marketing, this strategy was common. Since the algorithms rank websites based on the frequency of keyword mentions in the content, some marketers stuff as many keywords as possible on one page. Even if they no longer sound natural, it didn’t matter. Google noticed this issue and decided to change the algorithms. Apart from not ranking these websites high, they also get penalized for keyword stuffing attempts. Keywords should appear a few times within the content depending on the length. They should also sound natural. If they look forced, the content won’t make sense. It also gets factored into the page ranking. 

  • Duplicate content.

Having duplicate content on the website can be damaging. It’s tantamount to plagiarism if copied from another source. Also, in terms of Google’s algorithms, it doesn’t make sense. If the same content already exists, Google already indexed it. There’s no point in indexing the same content. Hence, the website won’t rank. Quoting text from another source is understandable as long as there’s due credit. Tweaking content to make it look unique is also another idea. Some websites might recycle old content to make it rank high again. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy as long as there’s something new to the content. It adds more value to it and helps in pushing the page up again. 

  • Careless guest posting.

Guest posting remains a controversial strategy among marketers. Some insist that it doesn’t help in boosting the page. Others believe that getting more links is necessary. The best way to settle this issue is by considering guest posts, as long as they’re carefully done. Choose high-quality blogs and authority sites. Leaving posts on these sites will give the website an edge. Also, even if guest blogging doesn’t help boost rankings, it will still increase visibility. More people can read these blogs and decide to visit the website using the embedded link.

  • Frequent, but low-quality posts.

Google loves new and unique content. Publishing new information will help websites rank high. The problem is if the posts are of low quality. If they’re not valuable and filled with errors, they won’t help in page ranking. If anything, they will damage the company’s reputation. People will associate the brand with these mistakes. It’s another reason for working with a San Diego SEO company since the experts will help create better quality posts.

  • Too many ads above the fold.

The fold refers to the visible part of the website when opened. In traditional journalism, it refers to the first half of the newspaper that readers can see after folding it. Having too many ads on the fold can be damaging for the website. Google made it clear that it will penalize this layout. Users won’t appreciate the layout, either. If the website suddenly loses traffic, this layout issue could be the reason.

  • Buying existing links.

Paid links used to be a popular strategy. Many people even started a business out of it. They created popular links that will easily rise on top of search engines. Once they got there, they sell the links to other businesses. They will then benefit from the links’ popularity. This strategy might have a short-term positive effect since the link already got indexed. However, in the long run, Google will discover it and penalize the website. Search engine optimization is a lengthy process, and it requires lots of effort. However, it’s necessary for businesses trying to attract more attention. There’s no shortcut. 

  • Plenty of outgoing links.

The links going back to the website aren’t the only ones that can have adverse effects. The same is true with outgoing links. If the website contains too many outgoing links without the “nofollow” tag, Google will view the page as a link farm. It will start looking at the website as unreliable. 

  • Slow websites with broken links.

Apart from the content, Google also pays attention to web speed. If the site doesn’t load quickly, it will negatively affect the ranking. Google also made it clear that the website should have no loading issues, especially when opened on mobile devices. Broken links are even worse. There should be an effort to remove all broken links. As soon as someone notices them, they need an immediate replacement. 

  • Violation of copyrights.

Some websites might knowingly or unknowingly violate copyright law. These pages require immediate removal since Google doesn’t look at them well. These violations can have long-term repercussions. Visit the Google Transparency Report and paste the link. If the tool found similarities with other websites, it’s a problem. Apart from getting penalized by Google, it can also have a legal impact. Try to remove the problem immediately. 

Figuring out what works can be challenging. There are instances when Google suddenly moves to change its rules, and it immediately throws everything off. The point is that marketers have to be flexible. It’s not enough to look at recent successes and conclude that everything went well. Even other websites can successfully display options on top. Simple errors can also bring the entire website down. 

The good thing is that there are San Diego SEO experts who can provide help. They understand the rules well. They have also followed the changes over the years. They know what it takes for websites to rank high on search engines. With their help, there’s no need to worry about using outdated strategies. They can immediately identify the issues and solve them. Not all these strategies are intentionally used. The good thing is that most of them are easy to fix. After noticing the problems, there should be an effort to determine the cause and solve them quickly. 

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James Barker has over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing like SEO, SMO, ASO ORM & Google Ads. He holds a sound understanding of technical requirements/problem analysis and resolution for providing the best solutions to clients.

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