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Role of Age Verification at Casino Slots Sites

We have all had that disappointing feeling when you play slots with a 500 free spins bonus at www.freebet.casino: you are all excited because you just got your paycheck and want to have a quick spin, see a sweet deal for a new online slot site, enter in your details so that you can crack on with winning massive jackpots, but, unfortunately, you have got to wait for ages for your identification to be approved!

Not only can it leave a lot of players a little unsatisfied because they cannot play on online slot sites immediately, but it can also make a few of you wonder about what the role of age verification is when it comes to gambling online.

We are here to answer all of your questions so that there is no ambiguity around age verification at casino slot sites!

Why do you have to Verify your Age at Online Casino Slot Sites?

Before you call us out on it, we know that there is one very obvious reason why you might need some age verification. However, it is not the only reason and we are here to clue you into all the purposes of age verification at an online casino site that you may never have even thought of:

  • Age Verification – We have to start with the obvious one. Most countries’ governments have agreed that if you are below the age of 18 then you are not considered responsible enough to gamble. Therefore, online casino sites have to adhere to this because they both cannot be breaking the law and also supplying children with the ability to gamble.
  • Personal Verification – Another confirmation that is going on when you submit your age verification is ensuring that it is actually you who is playing. If somebody were to sign up to an online casino site using somebody else’s credentials then they could be betting on behalf of that other person without them even knowing about it! This could cause legal and banking issues and is considered fraud!
  • Scammers – Unfortunately, the internet has a few pesky scammers knocking about that want to use your money to play slots at online casinos. By confirming your age and identity, you are eliminating the chances of a scammer using your personal and banking details to spend money.

Why is Age Verification Used to Combat Under 18-Year-Olds at Online Casino Slot Sites?

One question that arises, again and again, is the one surrounding the responsibility of under 18-year-olds. Do you remember being 17 and feeling as though it was unfair that you were deemed to be too young to purchase alcohol or slot games?

Here is why under 18s are prohibited from online slot games:

  1. It is harder to measure successes and losses and so the amount of money being exchanged by a young person could be overwhelming.
  2. More often than not, a young person’s job will not provide them with enough money and so money can be stolen or taken from family members to fund online casino slot games.

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