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Simple Tips To Edit Quality Videos For Your Social Media

There are a million ways to capture the viewer’s attention, but having a good quality video is definitely on top of the list. When we talk about social media marketing, the most important aspect is a video. So if you focus on your video editing, it will mean you have hit the nail with your marketing strategy.

What makes videos so special, though? The reason lies in the power of high-quality content to captivate the audience. And you do not have to be Steven Spielberg to become an expert at directing videos for social media. Video editing for social media is a pretty simple affair – you need the right online video editor and a few tips from experienced people to get you going.

We have compiled a quick guide for you to go through some tips that will help in your journey to becoming a pro at video editing.

Pick the Right Video Editing Tool

When video editing, the first thing you do is opt for a good software tool for yourself. 

With a myriad of options of online video editors, finding the right one with the best editing functions can be a time-consuming activity. To make your life simple, we’ve made a list of some of the best tools below.

  • InVideo video editor
  • This tool helps you design professional-looking HD videos. InVideo has numerous features, including filters, effects, templates, stickers, and tools, to name a few!
  • Movavi video editor plus
  • This software program has an intuitive interface and comes with a wide functionality of editing tools. With this tool, you can edit your video clips and place them on the timeline in the order you need.
  • Camtasia
  • This software solution contains the functionality of a video editor and a screen recorder. It has some added features that are beneficial. However, you may find the interface slightly complicated if you are a novice.

Storytelling Is Key

How do people create unforgettable videos? The secret is good storytelling. 

What you need is to focus on the story and make changes in a way that helps you narrate your story in the best manner possible. 

Another trick is to sketch your storyboard before you start editing roughly. This way, you will be better positioned to layout your story and get a good idea before you get on with the editing process. If you are planning to upload your videos on youtube then you can check out these helpful tips to promote youtube videos to get more views.

Try Different Angles and Sequences

Videos for social media must involve a variety of sequences for higher engagement. Be it long shots or close-range shots, think about all angles as part of your video. If you want to give your audience the feel of a scenic location, start with a wide shot. And if you want to focus just on the actors and their emotions in the video, opt for close-up shots. 

When actors emote through their facial expressions, those moments are the most important elements in a story. When editing your videos, the multiple variations in sequences need to bear in mind. Take advantage of the online video editors that instantly add some creative elements to your video.

Also, remember to optimize your video for different landscape and portrait mode screens.

Emphasize Pace and transitions

What is the pace of a video? Your speed of editing, with the way you smoothly transition from one frame to the other, contributes to the pace. It is a deciding factor of your video quality and how your audience perceives your video. 

So, as you edit your video, your goal should be to find an optimal pace and keep it consistent throughout. Also, if you make the transitions in your video seamless, it will produce a polished and great-looking video. Do not hesitate to experiment with different effects to get the one that gives the best feel. 

A rookie mistake is to add cross-cuts to your video. Cross-cutting might make your video look choppy and full of discontinuities.

What Matters Is the Viewer’s Reaction

Hook your audience in the first few seconds of your video, and the rest of the ride will be smoother. Putting a funny scene here or a scary scene there will elicit the right response from your audience. So when editing, ensure you give them enough time to react. Speedy transitions from one scene to the next might not fetch you the reactions as expected.

Do keep in mind the UX when editing your videos. Different platforms show your video differently, and you want all your viewers to enjoy your videos.

Refine Your Audio

The music track you put in your video is an important component of the overall project. When using voice-over, avoid any distracting background noise. If you find unnecessary sounds while shooting, you can use specific software tools to remove them completely. You also have the option of adding new music to your video that can enhance the visuals and make it a complete power-packed video.

Another good practice is to add subtitles to your video. So in a worst-case scenario, if your audio doesn’t play at all, the viewers can refer to the subtitles to understand the video’s content.

Always Split Your Video Editing 

Use two phases to edit your videos. The first phase is usually called a rough cut. This edition is not about the minute details. You want to eliminate the inappropriate shots and create an outline for the video.

In the second phase, get all the details of your video right. You can work on the frames, filters, audio, and other additional aspects this time.

Dividing the editing process is more effective and helps you focus better on the important parts of the video. Taking a break in between also helps you get a fresh perspective once you resume editing.

Organize Your Work Always

You should try arranging your files in an orderly fashion to better organize your video editing process. Make as many subsections as you need for images, video shots, audio tracks, and so on. This way, you will be more aware of the location of each file and how to access it.

You can keep those files safe by using a hard disc or external storage. You don’t want to lose any of the hard work that you put in, do you? If you are planning to promote your business or brand, then influencers can help you boost your brand awareness and sales for your business.


Feeling ready to start editing videos after all the above tips? Like we already discussed, videos are an essential part of social media marketing, and getting them right will be beneficial for your business. Know the best part? You do not need to overspend to create and edit those videos.

Like any new skill, you will always have space to learn and grow. And so, keep an open mind and look out for feedback coming in from people close to you. Now go out there and start sharing those lovely videos that you produce. Good luck!

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