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Suggestive Themes for Christmas party in 2022

After a long COVID lockdown, you must be wondering how to kickstart the festive season with an amazing theme for a Christmas party.

Whatever be the theme, order a Christmas cake online and enjoy a stunning Christmas evening. This blog puts up some weird Christmas party ideas. Take a read till the end. You can choose any of these ideas or you can modify them as per your mind.

List of some out of the box Christmas party ideas

Take a look at the list of Christmas party ideas. They may hit your brain from a new angle.

Floral and Nature Christmas Party Themes- Nature has a different shade of influence on most people. If you can keep that taste of nature amidst the party, then there will be claps for you.

Choose a Christmas cake design that goes well with the nature theme and decorate the venue with flower pots or bouquets. Two or three well-decorated Christmas trees will make the theme more vivid.

Using vibrant colors to make the venue creative

A lot of bad and sad news has blown across our faces since the beginning of 2020. But why let the year end in such a monotonous tone?

Use vibrant colors for decorating the venue. Also, choose vibrant color gift wraps and apparel for the party. Enlighten the mood of the party and there lie the true spirits of celebrating Christmas.

COVID theme

It has been a year since Corona Virus is controlling our lives in some way or the other, so it is fair enough to dedicate this year’s Christmas party to the deadly Corona Virus.

Order a COVID-themed Christmas Cake online and set up the entire place aligned to this particular theme. You can also encourage the kids to dress up like colorful viruses. Ten years from now, you will relish these sweet memories.

Craft and DIY themes for Christmas party

Does that sound interesting? Yes, indeed it is. Decorate the Christmas tree and the venue with paper cuttings or other craft pieces. The party will get a touch of handmade talent which makes it more colorful and worth watching.

Fun themes for Christmas party

Christmas is fun and most of the fun-filled themes have a special place in people’s hearts. Be it Angry Birds theme or Noddy theme, they embrace people from an intimate distance.

After such a roller coaster year, you can cheer up your guests with these worth laughing themes.

Movies special Christmas Evening

There are many of you out there who are fans of movies, old or new. This theme is especially dedicated to them. Install a giant screen inside the venue for the day and play non stop movies according to your taste. Your guests will like that virtual cinema hall more than anything. If you are not sure about their choice, you can take a poll and decide things beforehand.

A party focussing on hobbies and interests

Christmas is all about unleashing ourselves to the fullest. So, Christmas party 2020 can be completely dedicated to the themes of personal hobbies and interests. Invite everyone by the evening and they perform a live display of their hobbies throughout the night. Keep two or three pianos, enough colors and canvas for painting, good books for reading, and so on. Opt for midnight cake delivery and surprise everyone at the party.

Around the world theme

This is rather an exciting theme for Christmas parties. From the dinner to the drinks, the theme will be observed in every corner of the party.

Keep traditional dishes of all the countries and their drinks too. And with regards to decorating the venue, paintings and writings of places across the globe are enough to keep your guests entertained throughout the party. You can punch in a few fun facts in between to make sure people enjoy the party.


These ideas must have blown your brain into a world of fantasy and dreams. If you are a resident of Delhi NCR, then you can order cake online in Delhi on the occasion of Christmas. Yummy Cakes are a reputed name in the list of online bakeries. They assure yummy Cakes to make your party echo with fun and merriment.

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