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The Honest Smart Solar Box Review

Electricity is a crucial part of our everyday life, and it is incredibly difficult to survive without it now. Sadly, every year the cost of electricity seems to increase, and this stains the monthly budget. It’s terribly annoying because you’ll have to spend more on running your appliances. The power interruptions from the generating companies or due to disasters are another issue.

If you are tired of finding a way to reduce the electricity bill or are a natural disaster victim, then the Smart Solar Box is for you. In this article, we will attempt to give an honest smart solar box review By Banjig.

What Is The Smart Solar Box?

The Smart Solar Box is a digital program that has instructions on how to create the Solar Box. Ryan Tanner is the inventor of the Smart Solar Box, although the original design belongs to Ryan’s father. When a disaster hit their town, Ryan Tanner discovered the device to deal with a power loss.

Many of us know about solar panels but never use them. The explanation is that they are expensive to build. The Smart Solar Box Guide will provide you with all the specifics you need to know in order to create your own smart box. The parts required to build a solar box require about 4 hours time and $200 or more. You can dismount the components and store them in your garage at any time. The device is small and can fit just about anywhere.

You will discover a ground-breaking way to become the master of your home’s resources with the Smart Solar Box Program. You can also learn how the solar box is designed, soldered, and combined. You can then learn to build solar panels and therefore, have the capacity to handle your own electricity.

The Purpose Of The Smart Box

This smart box’s primary aim is to slash energy bills. In addition, it was designed so that individuals can use it at the time of their need such as during a blackout.

The Smart Solar Light Box comes with a guide consisting of manuals, blueprints, and in-detailed videos that will assist you to make one yourself. You don’t have to be a technical geek, and there’s no need for any knowledge of circuits and wiring.

You can store 70% of the electricity to operate appliances for the next 19-21 hours by using a homemade solar box.

While traditional solar panels are large and cover your entire space, it is possible to build this Smart Solar battery lightbox within 20 sq. ft. 

How Does The Smart Solar Box Work?

It should not be so costly to provide your home with electricity. Most people strive to cut their energy costs as much as possible, and their living standards are affected by it. Does sweating in the summer and freezing in the winter sound familiar to you? Consider those days long gone with the Smart Solar Box.

Some Smartbox solar reviews say that users see a saving of around 68 percent on the first day of use. Usually, those with bigger homes saved up to 120 percent. Without the high upfront expense, you get the same solar energy as you would from the big solar panels. There are also no threats to the installation of the roof.

You would be able to take the Smart Solar Box with you everywhere. This is a great little gadget to carry along if you are an enthusiastic camper. Just from one full battery charge, you get 18 to 20 hours of free, renewable electricity. The device gets the energy from the sun through solar panels. The smart box components are easily available in your local hardware store. All the regular kitchen appliances, such as toasters, coffee makers, microwaves, and even air conditioners, can be operated the same way they did before.

And this portable appliance works effectively during floods. So you can take the box with you if you have to move to another venue, such as your basement. This small device is suitable for powering small houses, bunkers, blinds for hunting, etc.

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Pros And Cons Of The Smart Solar Box


  • The guide offers a lot to learn about the solar box. The videos and tools for reading guarantee that all is simple and easy to understand.
  • Having the whole device would cost you less than $200.
  • Anyone can learn about their solar box and build it.
  • It is a legitimate venture. Everyone is free to harness solar power.
  • It takes a few hours and not days for the entire operation.
  • The product provides a money-back guarantee of 60 days.
  • The solar box consists of materials that are readily accessible.


  • If you need power scaling, you’ll need to spend more
  • The guide is in electronic form only. It’s not a physical book.


While alternatives to curb high spending are on the rise, not all of them succeed. You’ll find that installation costs are high and it’s a struggle to maintain them. However, many other alternatives for oil, coal, and fossil fuels have been invented. These are known as green energy and use sunlight, tides, plants, and geothermal heat. These energy sources are cleaner and safer because they do not leave any toxic by-products that can impact the environment.

The Smart Solar box is one such example of a clean, green, and safe energy source. We hope this article served as a good example of the smart solar box review.

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