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The most common plumbing problems

Not many people get through a whole year without having a plumbing problem in their home. Here are our top 10 most common issues that crop up:

  1. Low boiler pressure – Boiler pressure gauge dropping to zero happens to all combi boilers and pressurized heating systems once a year. Putting water back into the system should be relatively easy.
  2. Toilet overflowing – Either into the toilet pan or out of the warning pipe to outside. This is a warning that something inside the cistern needs attention.
  3. Cold radiator – There can be multiple reasons, although radiator valves, dirty system water, weak circulating pumps and boilers are common causes.
  4. Boiler error/fault codes – Digital codes or lights flashing in sequences telling you that your boiler has a problem that needs attention. Some of these are easy to overcome and can be fixed by pressing buttons.
  5. Leaking tap – It could be a washer or a cartridge on a more modern tap that needs maintenance. It is worth taking into consideration the age and condition of the tap, as to whether it is worth repairing or replacing.
  6. No hot water – The cause depends on the type of system because it could be an issue with a boiler, cylinder, thermostat, immersion element, or other things.
  7. Blocked kitchen waste – Kitchen sink wastes need care. You need to avoid pouring fat, grease and food waste into the sink, and it is worth pouring drain cleaner down your sink plug hole periodically to maintain free-flowing water.
  8. Shower running cold – Thermostatic cartridges inside thermostatic showers do not last forever and commonly can be changed to maintain a shower.
  9. Limescale is the cause of many plumbing problems in a home, especially in the south where the water is harder. Installing water softeners and limescale reducers will save you money in the long term.
  10. Leaking pipes – Hot, cold, radiator and waste pipes can all leak and cause lots of damage. Sometimes it’s just a nut that needs tightening whereas other times copper pipes may need resoldering. Finding the leak is usually the tough part.

When should you call a professional plumber?

If the repair is beyond your ability, then we would highly recommend calling an experienced pair of hands and specific tools. You can easily diagnose or fix your plumbing problems in 15 minutes by booking a call with Herofix.

Calling your local plumber vs Herofix?

Choosing to book a video call with a professional plumber before calling one to your home could save money and time. With guidance, you may fix the problem yourself for the fraction of the cost of a plumber call-out fee and save a lot of time by not waiting for a plumber to turn up. If the problem cannot be fixed but can be diagnosed, you then have the choice of whether to call a plumber to your house. The plumber would know which materials to bring with them to save traveling time and multiple visits, also saving you money.

You should not attempt to fix or touch the behind case of a boiler or undertake any job deemed unsafe for an unqualified person.

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