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Tips to follow for choosing the right eyeglasses for your face shape

Eyeglasses have been a costly investment many of us can’t live without. Furthermore, the right pair of glasses, whether you use them daily, wear them only on specific occasions or merely wear them on sometimes for some extra pleasure, the frames you decide to wear can eventually direct the way the world sees you — and more significantly, how you see yourself.
We do experience this very often that the same glasses that look so good at the optical shop, don’t look so cool when we try them on. It might have happened with you that you got attracted towards a pair of round glasses for women displayed in a shop but when you tried them on you looked like an old fashioned lady.
It could be quite stressful while choosing a pair of glasses that perfectly suits your face and your personality, but the good news is….it doesn’t have to be that hard!

Some basic principles to consider whilst selecting new eyeglasses

We have put down some very useful tips for choosing the right pair of glasses that suits your face shape, skin tone, and your personality. After going through this guide, you can go to any reliable eyeglass store like Overnight Glasses, Warby Parker, Zenni Optical, Eye Buy Direct, etc., to get a pair that goes perfect with your personality and face.

Your face shape

The face shape is often the most important factor that determines whether a pair of glasses will complement your face. Round, oblong or oval, square, triangle, heart, and diamond are the seven different face shapes people have.
Also the fact about face shapes is that most people have faces that are a mix of different shapes. You can find which frame shape best suits your face once you understand your face shape,
A simple trick:

Trace the outline of your face onto a mirror with something like lipstick or dry erase marker— or anything easy to clean off after. Understanding face and frame shapes make a difference.
Frames for round faces
A round-faced person has full cheeks and a round chin with a wide forehead. Choosing large rectangular or square frames will help you make a statement. Moreover, thick, bold frames should be at the top of your list to help your features stand out.
Frames for oval / oblong faces
People having this face shape have a narrow forehead and jaw while slightly wider cheekbones. A large frame can enhance and define cheekbones whilst detailed arms would be giving precision to your oval face shape. Avoiding arms that sit low on the face thus elongating the face.
Frames for heart-shaped faces
A person with this face shape would have full cheeks and a wide forehead with a pointed hairline. Frames that are wider on the bottom or have some kind of detail on the lower half of the frames should be a preference.
Frames for square-shaped faces
This type of face has a strong jawline and angular features. Go for narrow frame styles, wider than deeper, and narrow ovals if you have this face shape.
Frames for triangle-shaped faces
High cheekbones with a low hanging hairline and long forehead are the main features of this face shape. Half-rimmed glasses or cat-eye glasses emphasizing the upper portion of the frame or two-toned frames having darker tops and lighter bottoms would go best with these features. Moreover, frames that are slightly wider than your jaw to balance it out should be a priority.
Frames for diamond-shaped faces
People having diamond-shaped faces have narrow jawlines and eye lines, while 8/broad cheekbones. Semi-rimless, oval, metal rectangular or cat-eye frames would suit best on this face shape.

Your skin color and tone

Selecting frames can be simple once you understand which colors suit your skin. It’s very similar to wearing the clothes that make you feel most comfortable. Choose glasses like blue, gray and black if you have a cool-colored skin tone. On the other contrary, warm skin toned people should opt for warmer colors, like tan, pink, and red.

Your taste, style, and personality

One of the most important things to consider while going shopping for your pair of new eyeglasses is a pair of spectacles that reflect your personality and at the same time are also suitable at the workplace. For example, a pair of colorful glasses could be used for the weekend and on the other hand, easy to wear, practical glasses for the workplace during the rest of the week. Confidence and happiness are most important no matter where you work.

In the end, it’s all about comfort

When it comes to wearing your glasses throughout the day, the best glasses for your face are comfortable ones. It’s important to check how does the frame feel when you’re wearing it. Keep this tip as one of your priorities when trying on glasses. Being too heavy, getting your hair stuck to the frame edges, aching nose pads and other similar features won’t be a good choice to go with, even if they work best with your skin tone or face shape.

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