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3 Necessary Traits every Journalist needs to have

You want to become a journalist. What is your perspective on this profession? Do you think that the only degree will suffice the requirement? Are you working hard to explore this option and have the comfort level to become the one? Everyone listens to the news, do you observe the journalists how they speak, and how they represent the news?

Be vigilant on the traits that are required to be a successful journalist. This profession is not as easy as you may consider it; you prepare yourself well before choosing it.

Confidence and Extrovert:

Analyze the scenario, where you are taking an interview with a famous personality like a politician, sportsperson, or an actor. How will you deal with that? You have to be very careful with the words and the questions you ask but above all, you should have the courage and confidence to take the interview.

Also, you have to take coverage at different sites and talk to the people to have a better idea of the picture. So, you have to be outspoken and have to be confident to deal with different kinds of people. If you are shy, then you will not be able to interview people.

Cautiously use the words:

The whole country may be listening to you. A good journalist is embraced by the people and they are known for the topics they cover and the way they represent the news. You have to grab the attention of people on a positive note and have to be very careful of what you speak. Make sure it does not hurt the sentiments and feelings of people.

However, the journalist may undergo a lot of criticism no matter how perfect they are. But avoid using the language or expression that can damage your and the channel’s reputation.

Follow some well-known journalists to learn the skills and adapt their way of investigation and interviewing skills to gain more expertise.


You have to visit different sites to cover the news. Your role does not end by covering the major facts but you have to look for every minor detail. You are not the only journalist who will be present at the site but professionals from different channels will be there. What if you left something and it was covered by the competitor? Needless to say, people will prefer other channels over you.

Consider the late Eric Malling, a Canadian journalist who was known and regarded for his deeply researched and hard-hitting investigative reports. Throughout his career, Eric Malling covered all types of stories with tenacity and a relentless demand for detail. What made his reports so compelling was the level of investigative detail he put into each, investing hours and interviewing numerous sources to craft his stories.

So, you have to keep an eye on what’s happening in the surroundings. Also, you have to analyze every piece of information before presenting it to the public. A misrepresentation of the facts can lead to a state of turmoil among the people leaving you questionable and responsible for that.

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