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What is ghostwriting and how to succeed in this field?

While other careers in literary world were gaining a huge popularity there was one career option that stayed in an obscured corner and was “conveniently, even willingly” ignored. Thanks to the digital democracy and ever widening career horizons that option has not only been discussed and advertised publicly but is also being looked upon as one of the recognized and respected publishing careers. We are talking about ghostwriting career.


Ghostwriting is not a new concept but it has gained a vast popularity in the recent times. In short, Ghostwriting refers to any written piece or book where the creative credits are claimed by the clients, and not the original writer. Generally, the basic ideas and concepts are of the clients but they don’t have sufficient time or skills to write down their article/book. So, they just tell accomplished writers to expand their ideas in the form of a well written content. After completion the same is published in the name of the writers.

Understandably any ghost-writer cannot publicize his/her work in their name without first seeking explicit permission from your client. Don’t count it as a negative point as Ghost-writing allows you to work alongside many renowned personalities including entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, and public figures. Along with influential contacts, high-income opportunities and creative adventure are other major reasons to choose Ghost-writing as a career.



How is ghost-writing different from general writing?

As opposed to general writing pieces, ghost-writing projects are published in the name of influential personalities or high authority people who wish to enhance their reputation or achieve specific objectives. A ghostwriter possesses an impressive blend of skills. Right from creative expertise to the major qualities of an accomplished journalist.


Hence, Ghostwriters need to have a deep and valuable experience in the writing field. Start with freelance writing projects and try to gain decent expertise in diverse content types, especially in long pieces. It will equip you with the required skills and confidence to do justice with ghost-writing projects. As a ghostwriter you have to be versatile enough to write on diverse subjects.  You should be equally capable of writing a detailed book a politician’s achievements  to a light-hearted coffee table book on celebrities lifestyle.


Is ghostwriting a right career for you?

Ghostwriters cannot put claim to their works. So, if you are too ambitious or very particular about publicly celebrating your work and efforts then you may want to reconsider joining this field. If undecided, try to start with smaller content pieces single posts or articles, instead of entire books.


What are some tips for new ghostwriters to enhance their income and reputation?

Following tips can help you make it big in the field of ghost-writing:


Ghost-writing directly influences the public image of the clients. So, they are reluctant to hire freshers. A decent and diverse writing experience is very important before you become a ghost-writer.

Start small, scale big

In the starting it is easier to get work from ambitious entrepreneurs or modestly popular local celebrities who wish to increase their impact. After gaining good experience with such clients you can consider trying for bigger clients like political personalities, business tycoons, etc. Such work is demanding but assures very good price per project. Thanks to digitization, it has become easier to create and popularize your portfolio. You just need to buy domain and hosting plans that are very affordable. Many reputed providers also offer you free website building tools to create your own site easily. Within $100 you can have a quite decent website for your portfolio and profile.


As a ghost-writer, you need to write for multiple personalities from different walks of life. How well you adapt yourself to different personalities, ideas and tones determines your success. Additional skills like SEO strategies for blogging give you a competitive edge.

Self Improvement

As a ghost-writer, you need to be aware of the trending words, jargon, and style that resonate with specific audiences and offer an authoritative appeal to your clients’ personality. So you need to remain updated with the latest changes in the literary world and your clients’ fraternity.

Publishing details

While this is not mandatory, having good skills and know-how about publishing offers you a competitive edge which is vitally important as most clients interview and assess many candidates before selecting a ghost-writer.

Focus on regular work

Try finding regular work by joining agencies. That’s the ideal start but try gaining grip over details and after acquiring sufficient expertise/experience aim to start your agency or hire a marketing manager to help you get regal projects.

Take advantage international market

One of the best hacks to quickly increase your income as a ghost-writer is to look for international clients where you have an advantage of a better currency exchange rate. For instance, the ghostwriters of India can expect to earn a significantly higher price if they write for UK or US clients. Understandably, you have to start with local clients and after gaining good skills you can pitch to the international clients.

Be creative and mold it to suit your clients’ voice/objectives

Understandably without creativity all the above said and below-mentioned skills are useless. You have to tune your creativity with the client’s voice and present their ideas in a way that naturally touches the chord of their targeted audiences’ hearts.


As a ghost-writer your ultimate goal is to help your clients’ achieve their specific objectives and build their authority. One unique point that you need to have is grasping the tone of your client and having a firm grip over the same.

How to get community assistance in ghost-writing?

If you wish to increase your job potential then:

  • Start finding the local ghost-writing societies in your area.
  • Attend writing seminars- preferably the ones focusing on ghost-writing
  • Some associations like the International Associated of Professional Ghost writers offer helpful materials and guidance to the ghostwriters. Joining such institutions and actively networking with the members can help you a great way of getting a job as a ghost wrier.

Who are the major employers for ghostwriters?

Many successful and ambitious personalities wish to build their public authority by writing books/blogs but they don’t have time while or simply lack the writing skills. It is exactly at this point the ghostwriters come into the picture.

In short, anyone who lacks the time or skills to write the content prefers to hire the services of ghostwriters. Some typical clients include:

  • Blog owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service providers
  • Autobiographies
  • Coaches
  • Politicians
  • Industry leaders


Ghostwriting is a very rewarding career for the people who seek to earn a good income from writing while engaging with people and stories representing different walks of life. In order to succeed in ghostwriting you need to adapt your creativity to suit the tastes of your clients. Self-improvement, good communication and networking skills help you in enhancing your career as a ghostwriter.

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