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Understand The Basics of Cataract

Eyes are among the most precious gifts of nature. It is essential that we take good care of our eyes. When we care for our eyes, we would be able to have a pair of healthy eyes.

On the contrary, if we are ignorant about our eye health, we might end up facing problems with them. Keeping your eyes clean and following a healthy diet is important to maintain good eye health.

It is also important to visit an ophthalmologist regularly that would keep you updated about the health of your eyes. If there is any problem with your eyes, they would be detected early on and prevented from getting severe.

It would also help to treat the problem in its initial stage than taking it to a higher stage causing more problems.

Basics of Cataract

There are several problems that can occur with the eyes. Developing a cataract is one of the eye problems affecting people around the world.

If you are wondering what a cataract is, simply state it is a medical condition where your vision becomes cloudy. The lens of the eye develops a cloud-like formation that makes it difficult to have a clear vision.

A person suffering from a cataract can see things with the affected eye but the vision is not clear. It seems as if someone is looking at a hazy image or through a cloudy lens.

Now that you know about cataracts, you should also know about the causes of cataract. Cataracts do not develop suddenly but they are developed gradually over time.

There is not a single cause for this medical condition but there are several factors that contribute to it. Most commonly, a cataract is developed due to old age as the tissue present in the lens of your eyes is changed. It can also happen due to any injury that would affect the tissues present in your eyes and particularly the lens.

It is also observed that people suffering from diabetes are likely to suffer from cataract problems. Ultraviolet radiation is also known to cause cataracts in the eyes as they affect the tissues in your eyes upon direct contact.

If you have been using steroids for a long time or are on medication for a prolonged period, you might develop a cataract.

develop a cataract

As you have learned about the causes of cataract, you should know about the symptoms of the same. The most common symptom is having a blurred vision that seems like there is some cloudiness in the eyes.

You would be unable to see clearly and the colors would also appear to be faded. People suffering from cataracts find it difficult to see clearly at night with the affected eye.

They also see a halo around light sources which makes seeing worse. Some people also complain about seeing double. The sensitivity of the eyes is also increased for people with eye conditions.

If you are showing any of the symptoms of a cataract and have suffered from one of the causes of a cataract, you should visit an ophthalmologist immediately and get medical help without any delay.

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