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What You Need to Know Before Doing MBBS from Russia?

The Russian MBBS study is very popular in India because as early as 1996, Indian students who were keen to be doctors began to travel here. In the past 25 years, more than 6000 doctors have returned to India, and approximately 10000 students have studied MBBS at 48 low-cost Russian universities accredited by MCI. After completing MBBS studies in Europe, many people have settled abroad and work in many hospitals.

The Russian MBBS Medical School accredited by MCI has opened up a new way for Indian students. Last year, the low-cost Russian MBBS University attracted more than 2000 Indian students. Russian medical education is well-known throughout India. In addition, since the Russian MBBS University accredited by MCI can be obtained, the Russian MBBS degree in India is valid.

Not everyone can provide the best education, and students only study in the top 10 medical schools in Russia. Medical research in Russia is known for its high-quality education. Admission to Russian medical schools is a complicated system.

In the past 25 years, Russian medical research for international students has been developing. Compared with the fees that students pay to Indian medical schools, in Russia’s huge list of MBBS colleges, the cost of study MBBS from Russia top medical schools or any top universities in Russia is very low.

Now, nearly 2000 Indian students choose a Russian Medical University to study MBBS every year. Russia’s MBBS lasts for 5.8 years. The one-year internship period must be completed in India after the end of the course.

Quality of Education

Russian MBBS syllabus is full of practical knowledge and practical experience in real life. Top universities have 150 years of experience in teaching MBBS courses in Russia! Studying Indian students in medical schools in India is a better choice because Indian private medical schools lack practical experience and quality of education. Among the few top universities in Russia such as MBBS at Kazan Federal University, you can obtain Russian MBBS in English.

Low Cost to Study MBBS

Due to the low cost of MBBS in Russia, studying at MBBS University in Russia is always better than donating to medical school in India. It is a good idea to get all the benefits of an excellent Russian MBBS University. Since the last 25 years, thousands of Indian students have studied MBBS in Russian medical schools. Russia has a steady influx of Indian students. The Russian MBBS syllabus is also suitable for Indian students who dream of becoming a doctor. The fees of Russian medical schools vary from one university to another. The cost of MBBS in Russia may vary according to the type, level, and location of the university. It is a good choice for Indian students to study in Russia because the cost of Russian MBBS is much cheaper than in India.

Low Admission Criteria

The minimum criteria for MBBS in Russia require 50% to 65% of PCB’s 12th standard. The theme of Russian MBBS is exactly the same as that of India. Therefore, MBBS education in Russia maintains its unity and diversity at the same time, which is a unique combination. This makes medical research in Russia’s top medical school a convincing choice.

Overall Benefits

Therefore, the education of Indian students in Russia is very suitable. Only a few universities conduct tests to ensure the basic level of the 12th standard. Russia provides some of the best medical schools in Russia for Indian students who can teach MBBS in English. Indeed, Russia charges even fewer MBBS worldwide, which is not available in other European countries. Similarly, because of its high quality and future prospects, doing medicine in Russia at any MCI approved Russian MBBS university can ensure that Indian students have an outstanding medical career in the future. The study time of MBBS courses in Russia is longer than in India.

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