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Why do I need an ID to play online bingo?

Although bingo is a fun game, it is still a game that involves gambling. This means that it falls within the same category as other gambling games and has to be held to account in the same way – try playing Bingo Blast.

Some players may believe that being asked to provide ID for a game of bingo is overkill considering the low amounts that are at stake but nevertheless it still falls under the gambling umbrella.

The Law 

It is a legal requirement that gambling institutions have proof that players are aged 18 or above. Although there is a relatively low amount at stake whilst playing online bingo, for instance, there is an average of 20 – 40 pounds spent each month by online bingo players, players must still provide verification of age under rules that were set out by the Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission is the governing body of the UK’s gambling scene, it was first introduced in 2005 when the Government passed the gambling act. They introduced these extensive age verification processes for online bingo to curb the amount of underage gambling taking place in the country. Failure to comply with the rules of the Gambling Commission is a very serious matter, fines could be issued and an institution could even lose its license if it ignores the commission. 

What can I use as Proof? 

If a player doesn’t manage to prove their age, their account will be frozen by the bingo site until they produce the necessary documents. Players will need to prove their full name and date of birth as well as separate documents that prove their home address. 

Documents that can prove your full name and date of birth 

  1. An up-to-date and signed current passport.
  2. A birth certificate, the UK birth certificate is issued within the first 12 months of birth.
  3. Driving license (including a provisional).
  4. National identity card. 

Documents that can prove your home address 

  1. A bill from the last three months, including gas, television, and phone bills.
  2. Driving license only if not used as proof of age.
  3. A bank statement within the last three months.
  4. The council tax bill from the current year. 

The KYC 

The KYC stands for know your customer and is a commonly used practice within businesses where it performs various verification processes for them. These checks for bingo sites are performed as soon as a player is ready to deposit to the site. KYC ensures a few things. 

  •     Licensees must verify a player’s identity before they can gamble.
  •     Licensees need to inform the players about all the information and documentation they have to provide and how it can be provided before they are able to deposit any funds.
  •     Licensees can’t ask for any additional verification information that could have been requested earlier while holding withdrawal funds.

Final thoughts 

Providing ID is a part of the verification process for online bingo sites. This process is imperative as it helps to ensure that sites are complying with rules set out by the KYC and the Gambling Commission.

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