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Which is the Best Online Slots Licensing Body?

Some regular gamblers feel that independent bodies that regulate gambling, could do much more than they currently do to help punters. Some have been accused of not doing their job properly, or deliberately dodging controversial issues such as slot game rigging in favor of the status quo that only benefits casinos – visit ukslotgames.com.

Despite this, licensing bodies have made plenty of improvements to the gambling world and they constantly keep modern slot sites in check. They have also helped to keep the criminal element away from gambling and the rules and regulations introduced by such bodies make it incredibly hard for criminals to launder money through online casinos.

Any slot site that would allow this to happen on their digital platforms would be fined and would also no longer be allowed to operate anywhere in the world. This no tolerance approach has acted as an effective deterrent to such practices. 

The UK Gambling Commission 

The UK Gambling Commission is one of the most famous gambling regulatory bodies in the world. Citizens of the UK do have mixed feelings about this independent body, and this is mostly to do with their reluctance to face accusations of slot rigging at certain sites, face on. 

Despite this, they have done a lot of good since they were founded in September 2007. The purpose of this organization is to license and regulate all forms of gambling, whether it takes place in betting shops, land-based casinos, or online. They also set out the criteria needed by slot brands that must be met if an online slot site wants to legally operate in the UK. Most of the rules are set out to make slot brands more transparent and customer-friendly. 

However, customer safety is paramount as well, and therefore the UK Gambling Commission requires online slot sites to emphasize safer gambling and responsible gambling tools that all online casinos must make available to casino customers. This is why session reminders and tools like deposit limits are on offer at all fully licensed and regulated online casinos. 

Secure Funds 

The UK Gambling Commission also requires potential online casino operators to secure their gambling platforms with state-of-the-art bank-grade security software. This must be put in place to prevent third parties from intercepting sensitive customer data and money transactions to and from the casino site itself.

The UK Gambling Commission also only allows casinos to operate in the UK if they keep the casino funds needed for the everyday upkeep of the site, separate from player funds. This rule has been brought in to protect the publics’ money, which should remain withdrawable, even if a casino brand goes bust.  

The New Zealand Gambling Commission 

The New Zealand Gambling Commission which was set up as part of the New Zealand Gambling Act 2003, is another worthy entrant in the best online slots licensing bodies. This commission like that of the UK strives to create a safe and fair environment for the slot players of New Zealand. It has similar laws in place to those that are seen in the UK, but the major emphasis is on reducing social and financial harm that can be caused by gambling addiction. The fact that this body is also in charge of redistributing gambling profits back into society, makes this commission stand out from the crowd.

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