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4 Ways To Keep Your Office Clean and Safe

4 Ways To Keep Your Office Clean and Safe

Recent times have made it glaringly clear how badly many offices do when it comes to the cleanliness department, so here are 4 ways to keep your office clean and safe. It is paramount that cleanliness is pushed in offices to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

If you are ready to help keep yourself and your coworkers safe and healthy, grab your cleaning supplies, and let’s get started! 

Tip #1: Disinfecting the Office’s Surfaces

The first step in any of your office cleaning jobs is the cleaning and disinfecting of every surface. This includes all hard and soft surfaces such as counters, tables, chairs, phones, and even the carpet. Anything that a person might touch should be cleaned and disinfected.

You should wash the surfaces with hot, soapy water and a washcloth, which will help remove most of the germs that may be present. After you have thoroughly cleaned the surfaces, go over them with either a disinfectant spray or towel. This will eliminate the remaining germs that may still be around after washing.

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Tip #2: Employ Social Distancing

In today’s age, with COVID-19 being prevalent, it is essential to make sure that you are having your employees properly distance themselves. Enforcing social distancing will help keep you and your employees safe at work and cut back on disease spread.

Place signs up around the office reminding people to social distance; that way, it is ever in their minds. It can also help elect someone in the office that will help enforce the social distancing rules and help keep everyone in the office safe and well. 

Tip #3: Clean The Electronics Used By Employees

When it comes to cleaning surfaces around the office, electronics tend to get forgotten by most people. They seem to think that their computers and keyboards couldn’t carry germs as well, so it is essential to clean all computers and keyboards daily.

When cleaning electronics, it should be done with a slightly damp rag; if it is too wet, the water could damage the computer or keyboard. After the initial cleaning, you should wipe down all keyboards and computers with a disinfectant wipe.

Tip #4: Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Service

Sometimes, the best route you can take when you are cleaning your home and office is to hire a professional house cleaning company within San Diego to help you with your cleaning needs. You will want to locate an excellent yet cheap cleaning service and then schedule a day for them to come in.


Ensure that you tell your employees that the cleaning company is coming in to clean the office. By telling your employees, everyone will be aware of what is happening. This will also help make sure that your employees do not get in the way of the cleaning people.


Cleaning your office can be a tedious and distasteful task, but it can be done quickly if you take your time and get your employees to help you. You now know 4 ways to keep your office clean and safe.

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