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Signs That You Need to Go For Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are the most frequently used doors in every household. Every day while taking your car out of the garage, you open the garage door and close it back. After being used so frequently, yet they manage to last for several years. However, sometimes your garage door might face some issues that you need to look into carefully. You might notice some kind of weird noise or its opener might stop working, in either case, you need to look for garage door repairs to get back smooth-functioning garage door.


However, when the garage door starts malfunctioning, you need to seek a garage door repair service provider’s help. Before you call out some professional repair services, you must know what different types of issues can arise in your garage door.


Let’s look into some of the most common types of Garage Door Repairs that you can come across:


  • Broken Spring – One of the common reasons for the garage door to stop functioning is the broken spring. Springs control the door’s movement, and if you notice that there is an issue with the spring.  Springs of garage door always work under constant pressure; however, over time and with regular usage, spring begins to face wear and tear and might break after a point in time. After spring breakage, your garage door will be difficult to deal with. It will not be easy to open or close the door after spring gets broken down. It is recommended to call in professional door repair services on the same day to get it repaired. Never try to attempt DIY in such cases.


  • Broken Cable – Unlike normal doors, garage doors are quite heavy and therefore operate with cable’s help. Cables are very important in the proper working of the garage door system. Springs create tension and cables use that tension to lift the door during operation. However, with time and regular usage cables also start to become weak and might weak also. If you observe that your garage door gets stuck halfway or doesn’t align straight with tracks, the reason might be broken cables. Call in professionals to replace the broken cables.


  • Misalignment of safety sensors – Garage doors are mostly equipped with safety sensors. These safety sensors check if there is any object or person in their line of view, then they signal the garage door opener to stop operating. However, sometimes these sensors get misaligned, and the garage door gets stuck in between without any object or person in its line of view. So, you need to call professionals to resolve this kind of garage door repair by aligning the sensor back to its normal functioning.



  • Replacement of panels – If you have kids at home and often use the garage door as their target while playing games, your garage door is likely to get some damages you might not notice. Sometimes damage can be quite visible on panels or hardware. So, in such cases you don’t need to install a new garage door; just call a professional garage door repair company, and they will only replace the damaged parts of your garage door such as panels and hardware, make it look like new again.


These were some of the most common garage door repairs that you are likely to notice at one time or another in your garage door. Make sure to keep inspecting your garage doors at periodic times, so that even the slightest of damage can come to your notice and you can call it a repair at the earliest. Make sure that you choose a skilled and experienced garage door repair service provider for this.

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