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8 Fascinating Ideas to Generate Christmas Funds

The Christmas spirit is already in the air – only two days are left. Christmas is a time for benevolence, caring, loving, and giving. And there is perhaps no better time than Christmas to donate money generously for a cause you care about.

But we all are aware of the drastic impact that the global pandemic has bestowed upon us, both emotionally and economically.

Thus, despite the spirit of giving, you may find yourself tight with cash. The time is indeed challenging for fundraisers, primarily due to the restrictions imposed to control the spread of COVID-19.

However, there are certainly some unique ways to raise funds for your chosen cause and to make this year’s Christmas a memorable one too.

Please continue reading below to explore them and more interestingly; they all comply with the current virus restrictions.

Hold a Christmas Jumper Day

It is perhaps the most popular, fun, and easy fundraising idea as most people are fond of wearing festive jumpers. So team up with your office associates or friends and settle on an official date. Make sure you are informing everyone.

Request everyone to wear a Christmas jumper and pay a small donation while entering. However, why don’t you hold a competition for the best jumper?

You can run this contest online too. Ask your colleagues or friends to post a picture putting on their festive knitwear and donate to your page.

Send Personalised Cards

An excellent way to nudge people that you are fundraising is by sending personalized cards. Design a beautiful card according to your cause and delineate the reason behind your fundraising, the challenges you are facing. This is likely to inspire others to dive deep for helping you in achieving your aims.

Give in Something You Love

Most people usually tend to overindulge, but you can stand out from the crowd by making a small sacrifice. Avoid taking alcohol for this month, or you can also sell your Rolex watch if you no longer wear it. This can give you quite a nice budget boost. And this sacrifice may indeed seem to be a small one in front of the cause you are raising funds.

Organize a Virtual Christmas Party

Due to the continuing pandemic dismay and restrictions, it is unlikely that a non-virtual Christmas party will take place this year. So why don’t you organize a festive party online in exchange for donations?

Schedule a time for zoom conference drinks or play games like a scavenger hunt. For example, the first participant to find a mince pie or a paper hat in their house and return to the call will win a catching gift. Moreover, you can also conduct a quiz.

How about a Gift Wrapping Service?

Gift wrapping is time-consuming work, and many people do not get enough time to wrap the gifts they have purchased for their close ones. Some are also not that good at wrapping. These people would happily pay to get someone else to do the work. So offering a gift-wrapping service can be a great way to raise Christmas funds for your cause.

Or you can organize a Christmas Gift Wrapping party on a particular day close to the holidays where people nearby can come and get their gifts wrapped in exchange for a small fee.

However, make sure to make the ambiance inviting and festive with some Christmas lights, decorations, and carols. You can announce it by writing a post on your social page and informing them of what you are doing and why.

Sell Festive Flowers

Another excellent Christmas fundraising idea is selling festive flowers. You can buy fronds, holly, and mistletoe from a low-cost wholesaler and then, sell them at a higher price. Donate the profits to your good cause.

Moreover, you might also try to make wreaths if you have the time.

Offer Online Lessons

High streets are quieter these days in comparison to usual in several parts of the country. Thus, people will be looking to purchase Christmas gifts online.

You can think of providing online lessons on singing, cooking or knitting, for example, that others can buy in exchange for a small amount of money.

Clean up for good

You are likely to have many unwanted pieces of stuff lying in your chest. Instead of leaving them for gathering dust, why don’t you sell your old or unwanted things for cash?

You can use that money for charity or your good Christmas cause. Also, get your family and friends to do the same.

Well, the fundraising ideas mentioned above are likely to help you in generating more donations for your noble festive cause. You can try to implement two or more ideas together to make your Christmas more entertaining. Get working and Merry Christmas in advance to you!

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