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Footwear Industry – Interesting Information and Facts about Shoes

Today we are talking about some interesting facts and valuable information about the Footwear Industry. So please don’t miss any points and enjoy every piece of information which helps you with how to buy perfect shoes online.

Why you should be wearing shoes?

Do you have any questions related to shoes like why we should wear shoes and who found shoes etc..Wearing shoes is a very debatable topic as many barefoot running champions say that shoes are not necessary. Shoes protect your feet from the outer environment and even they keep your feet healthy. Here are the reasons and some footwear industry facts about why you should wear shoes.

wearing shoes

• Protection from germs: 

Shoes protect you from germs and infection. You may have heard from barefooters that this isn’t true but the protection is against the fungal infection. Fungal infections can cause a lot of problems. If you are diabetic, then these bacteria may be very dangerous for you as they develop on your feet. so we suggest you wear shoes to protect yourself from any infection.

• Safety from injury: 

Shoes keep your whole foot intact and provide safety from injuries. It protects you against traction on different terrains. While running or walking if your leg bumps into sharp or hard objects. Even when your leg gets a shock while playing, shoes can protect your foot.

• For a better grip: 

Shoes provide a better grip on your feet and provide you with great traction while you are running, playing, or walking on uneven and slippery surfaces. You just have to choose the right shoe according to your activities. so basically It depends on your work or playing game so you can wear it accordingly. It will help you to get better results while you are playing games or running.

• Correction of posture: 

A better shoe can perfectly correct the posture of your foot. Though many barefoot runners would say that running without shoes can help your foot to shape up and when you are not using the appropriate shoes for the sport then this thing may be true. 

• Support, cushion, and comfort: 

Cushioning, support, and comfort have always been the most emphasized part of the shoe industry. Shoes are made to make your foot feel soft and comfortable. They are provided with the appropriate cushioning and inner supports to help your feet breathe and be comfortable. 

With these points in mind, you can always care for your feet and according to us, you should wear shoes whenever required. A shoe can be a great support for your feet and they are the most important thing for maintaining the hygiene of your foot. 

Buying a Shoe? Keep These Tips Handy

Maintaining good foot health solely depends on the type of shoe you use. Scan your closet again and see that you have a nice and comfortable pair of shoes for different occasions and if not then check out these tips and try to inculcate them while you shop so that you can be happy about your investment.

  • The evening is the best time Your foot is bigger in the evening the morning because of the heat it faces during the day, so go for shopping a pair of shoes in the evening when they are swollen.
  • Check out the soles Keep an eye on the sole of the shoe, they should not be very hard or very soft. A good sole must be flexible and strong at the same time.
  • Foot support While wearing the shoe try to comprehend the way the shoe supports your foot. The different factors on which you can judge are foot-hugging, insole comfort, stability, or ankle support of the shoe.
  • Buy according to your activity Keep in mind the activity you’ll be doing after wearing those shoes. If you are going for casual wear then no need to focus on the durability of the shoe but if you are getting them for running or sports activities then you need to ascertain the durability first.
  • Heel height While buying a shoe check whether the heel height is sufficient for the amount of impact the shoe would be facing. For running a high heel is preferred so that your knee or ankle is safe. For sports, a medium heel is preferred because a high heel can result in an ankle twist and a low heel won’t support jumps.
  • Know your arch An arch can be a big factor that can determine your comfort while wearing the shoe. Decide your arch shape before going to a store. A good way to know your arch size is to wet the bottom of your foot and step on a piece of paper, you’ll be able to see your arch type. A flat arch will show most of your footprint and a high arch will show only the middle part of your foot.

Hitting a store with these tips will always fetch you some good results, so, what are you waiting for? Go and get those fine shoes.

Check Out These Shoes to Cope with Fashion

What are you going to wear this season? Create a new style this season with some of these comfortable and compatible shoes that will go with your apparel easily. 



Furnished with a sturdy canvas upper and low side walls this shoe looks just fantastic. The low-profile micro waffle outsoles and the metal eyes ensure a lightweight feel. The shoe is painted in bluish zebra stripes that make it look amazing. 



A branded strap replaces the traditional lacing in this shoe. A multicolored “stained glass” version of the shoe is available on any online shopping site. Coming straight from the “Long Live the King” collection this shoe also features a flamboyant upper and a Flyknit. a curved zipper is provided on the medial side of the shoe and a full-length strap fastens the Air Bubble and then goes all the way up to the collar. The shoe is also provided with a curved zipper on the medial side.



Furnished with a cushioned inner sole for extra comfort. The premium cracked leather upper makes the shoe look dynamic. 



After being absent since 1991 the Sports Blue Air Jordan 6 returned in August 2014 and was very much adored by the people. The inner lining and the blue accents on the lace lock look precise. Offered with the Jumpman branding the pull-tabs and midsole assure comfort while wearing.

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes?

Fashion does matter, but when it comes to running, you need to choose the best shoe for you. You can unintentionally screw your foot muscles just because you are using the wrong shoes. Take a look at some of the points to avoid pitfalls so that you can run without any pain.

  • Choose “the running shoes”: Always stress on buying only the shoes meant for running not any CrossFit or other sports shoes. Running shoes have the perfect balance of flexibility and support. Your foot needs to move with less effort but at the same time, it also needs that cushioning effect too. A proper pair of running shoes will help you run faster and for longer stretches. You can run injury-free and avoid cramping, arch pain, Achilles problems, and many more injuries.
  • Take guidance: Next time when you visit the store, try to talk with the staff and tell them what you want, they can guide you through the shoes and can also tell you what type of shoes you need and what will be beneficial for your foot.
  • Spend a little more: We know that those department stores sell shoes at a cheaper rate but they’re made of cheaper material too. So spend a good amount and buy them from a specialty store so that you don’t hurt your foot.
  • Size matters: Check your size precisely and buy the exact shoe according to your foot dimensions. You don’t want to buy a perfect shoe that can either tear your foot skin or hurt your toe.
  • Don’t be too loyal: Companies do update their product in a year or two and they do enhance its performance but a small change in the shoe can also harm your foot so take care that the new shoe specifications accord with your foot.

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