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December Global Holidays – Check Out Complete List Of 2024

What Are the Top December Global Holidays 2024?

As we start to get to the festive season, many of us are planning our December global holidays. But did you know that people around the world all have their own unique ways of celebrating global holidays? Find out the most popular December global holidays now!

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A Complete List Of December Global Holidays 2024


Millions of Christians around the world gather with families and friends to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. If you check the December global holidays calendar, this holy day always falls on the 25th of December. During Christmas, many people choose to go to church, pray and sing hymns. After church, it is common to share a meal with close friends and exchange gifts. 

The mythical Santa Claus also plays a big role in global December celebrations. This larger-than-life character travels across the world the night before Christmas on his sleigh drawn by reindeer and delivers presents to children. Don’t worry if you aren’t Christian, the December global holiday Christmas can be celebrated by anyone! If you are thinking of celebrating Christmas for the first time, then simply put on one of the many December global holiday movies and get some ideas.

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas on the 26th December occurs a slightly mysterious global holiday known as Boxing Day. This December global holiday’s meaning is up for debate, with some people claiming it comes from the Middle Ages when boxes would be placed in churches to collect money for the poor. Others believe this December global holiday was started in Britain in the 1800s to honor postmen and mailboys.

Global Boxing Day is particularly popular in the UK and Australia and is characterized by a large-scale shopping frenzy and also watching December global holiday games. In Australia, there is also a famous cricket match that occurs on the 26th of December and is known as the Boxing Day Test.

New Year’s Eve

One of the biggest December global holidays in the USA is New Year’s Eve. Every year on the 31st of December, people gather and party the night away as they remember all the highs and lows of the current year. The night typically culminates in a firework at midnight, where couples kiss and start making their wishes for the new year.


Kwanzaa is a new December global holiday that was invented in 1966 in the United States. This December global holiday is on the 26th of December, and its purpose is to celebrate African-American culture and keep the global relationship between Afro-Americans and Africa strong. This December global holiday songs include traditional West African tunes and guests will often dance the night away while wearing West African dress.


Hanukkah is an 8-day Jewish festival that traditionally starts in late November and finishes in early December. The global dates are based on Kislev on the Hebrew calendar and change every year. This December global holiday is in celebration of the resurrection of the Second Temple of Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. During Hanukkah, candles are lit and prayers are rehearsed. One amazing Hanukkah December global holiday recipe is jam-filled donuts which are known as sufganiyot. The donuts are deep-fried in oil, filled with jam or custard, and then topped with powdered sugar!

World AIDS Day

Every year on the 1st of December, people all over the world gather to bring awareness to the AIDS disease and commemorate the millions of people who were killed by this dreadful condition. This holiday has been taking place since 1987 and was founded by James Burns in the US. During this holiday, organizers promote safe sex and encourage people to regularly get checked and tested by a doctor. While this holiday is not as joyous as others on our list, it does include celebrations as worldwide deaths continue to decrease and infection numbers are declining. 


Yule is an ancient Germanic December global holiday that occurs during the Winter Solstice and is held in honor of the Norse god Odin. Traditionally, during Yule, people would turn a log into a massive fire and surround the fire for the entire night. Nowadays, people celebrate this December global holiday by having dinner with friends and family, making wreaths, decorating Yule trees, and playing quality games

Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia is a Christian global religious holiday that is held on the 13th of December every year. This December global holiday is held to honor the life of Santa Lucia, a saint who was martyred during the Diocletianic Persecution. You can see some amazing videos of people celebrating this December global holiday on Instagram. Women celebrate Santa Lucia by dressing up as the Saint in all white, donning headbands, singing songs, and cooking saffron buns.

 International Human Rights Day

On the 10th of December, every year, the world gathers to acknowledge the fundamental right that all people have. This global holiday has been celebrated since 1948 and is used to promote the 5 basic rights which include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work, and education.

Saint Stephen’s Day

This global Christian holiday is held on the 26th of December, the day after Christmas, to celebrate the life of one of the very Christian martyrs, Saint Stephen. Saint Stephen was stoned to death in 36 AD. This holiday is popular throughout Europe, with many different countries having their way of celebrating. For example, in Austria, people attend mass, exchange gifts, and ceremonial horse riding. Saint Stephen’s Day is not a December global holiday in the UK, where Boxing Day is celebrated instead.

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 Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

One of the most important Catholic December global holidays is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which occurs on December 8. This feast is held to honor the sinless life of the Virgin Mary and her conception. This December global holiday today is celebrated via mass parades and of course a big feast with friends and family.


The global holiday Krampusnacht occurs on the night of the 5th of December before Saint Nicholas Day. During this celebration, the child puts out a plate or boot and hides in bed from Krampus, who is a half-goat half-demon evil creature that scares naughty children. If the child wakes up and sees the presents, he’s been good, but if there is a rod, the kid has been visited by the scary Krampus and has been naughty.

Bodhi Day

One of the holiest days in the life of a Buddhist is Bodhi Day. On the 8th of December, on Bodhi Day, Buddhists from around the world celebrate the birth of Buddha. To celebrate this holy day people will often take time to pray, reflect on their life, and meditate. People will also walk around their houses holding statues of Buddha and decorate a special Bodhi tree with lights.


Omisoka (New Year’s Eve) is the second most important day in the Japanese calendar, and the last day before the Japanese New Year, which is the most important day of the year. The Japanese are usually very busy preparing for the global special day – they do a big cleaning, the purpose of which is to clean not only the house but also the mind to start the new year in a good mood. The Japanese also cook a special meal from buckwheat noodles, eat together with family, and send December global holidays emails to congratulate friends.

Las Posadas

This is one of the most important December global holidays in Mexico and Guatemala. Las Posadas is a religious festival, the meaning of which is the journey of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem in search of a haven where Mary could give birth to the baby Jesus. The locals decorate the cities with lights and even invite musicians, so December’s global holiday price of this celebration is not low.

No Interruption Day

No interruption global holiday takes place on the 31st of December and is the last working day of the year. How many things could we have done if we had not been interrupted every 5 minutes by family, friends, and colleagues? Well, on this global holiday, you can put a “do not disturb” sign without feeling bad. You can relax with family, go out with friends, do some shopping, and check out the December global holidays for sale in your town, or just stay home alone and enjoy a quiet day with no interruptions. 

National Christmas Lights Day

This special day is celebrated on the 1st, of December. If you like Christmas lights, why not enjoy the day and go out and honor the main symbol of the biggest holiday of the year? Many Americans go to the December global holidays target, purchase new lights for upcoming holidays and put them up at home, drive around the city to enjoy the festive atmosphere, and of course, cook some delicious meals to get into the Christmas mood.

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is celebrated on December 5 by about 1 billion people worldwide who volunteer. The UN continually calls on states to take action to raise awareness of the important contribution of volunteers and thereby encourages more people to do good deeds without expecting rewards, both at home and abroad. In turn, the World Declaration of Volunteers says that they have the right to devote their talent, time, and energy to individual and collective actions, without expecting a reward for this.

St. Nicholas Day

This holiday takes place on 6th December. On this day, Catholics honor the memory of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of travelers and children. St. Nicholas’ global holiday has religious roots and traditions of celebration, developed by the people for centuries, so it is a good occasion to go to December global Holidays Best Buy, buy some treats for your children, and put them under the pillow to surprise your beloved ones on this global holiday. 

International Animal Rights Day

On December 10, many countries around the world celebrate the Global Day of Animal Rights, which was established in 1998, on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Human Rights. Fighters for animal rights defend the same rights and freedoms that humans have for animals. Today, millions of people around the world adhere to such principles, and in many states, there are also legal norms that govern relations related to the prevention of abuse. If you like animals, this must be one of the most significant December global holidays for you. 


Now you have checked out our December global holidays list 2024, you can start adding a few extra global holiday celebrations to your festive season! Remember, before you start celebrating a new holiday, make sure you do a bit of extra research, so you can authentically enjoy it.

We would love to hear about your favorite December global holidays. Please comment below on what December global holidays you celebrate and how you prepare for these special days!

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