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Is Streameast safe? What are its Alternatives?

In this blog post, you will learn about websites like Streameast that offer similar content for free and why they exist.

In a world that runs through the internet, most of the work we do is directly or indirectly dependent on it. Since the invention of the first television, people have been inching closer and closer to accessing the most remote content happening in this world.

While television services have been a revolution, the concept of watching TV is far from being personal and portable, which then brings us to the advent of streaming services. Here one can watch any content they want using the internet without the need of downloading it. 

Sites like ESPN and HULU come to most of our minds when we speak of streaming services. But there a large portion of people do not want to spend their money on such paid platforms. This is the prime reason why sites like Streameast exist that provide almost the same content for free. 

What does Streameast do?

Streameast or Streameast Live is a streaming site that provides free live streaming of sports events happening all over the world. It covers most of the highly watched sports matches across various sports like Stream East soccer, basketball, rugby, tennis, and so on. The availability of such highly popular content and quick and free access generates a lot of traffic to the site. 

However, there are also many speculations about the safety of its users and thus it is important to look into this matter before further indulging with Streameast.


What are the Pros and Cons of Streameast?


  • Free access to content
  • Friendly User-interface 
  • No need to sign in or login
  • High Quality up to 1080p


  • Irregular server stability causing lag and buffering
  • Show a lot of ads
  • Can be inaccessible depending on the geographical region
  • Irregular stream quality


Does Streameast fall under piracy?

Using copyrighted content of any type without the owner’s permission is known as Piracy. It is an illegal offense in most countries and has strict consequences.

Unlike paid sites like Hulu or Netflix, Streameast does not have any authority or license for the content they show. This is a straight violation of the intellectual property rights of an individual or an organization. 

Countries like France, China, Germany, Australia, Japan, and the United States strictly prohibit piracy and deem it illegal while in India though it is illegal, no proper prosecutions are mentioned against it.

Only some countries like Switzerland and Spain allow it. Thus, users must be aware of this fact and know beforehand if the laws of their country permit it when or before streaming on the site.

Other Security Risks 

While paid Websites like Hulu and ESPN+ earn money from subscription fees and sponsors, websites like Streameast earn revenue by running ads on the site.

At times users are redirected to other sites before landing on the desired streaming page. These pop-up ads are to be cautious about as they may lead to harmful sites. This can risk security issues that include malware, phishing, and scam attempts. 

Sites like Streameast have become a hotspot for hackers to commit cyber crimes as users lack knowledge about handling ads on such sites. 

Another raising concern about Streameast is the high cloning of this site. Since Streameast is one of the most popular sports streaming sites covering popular leagues like the Stream East NFL and EPL, one can easily find many other sites that exactly reflect the original one but are scams in real.

In many geographical regions, Streameast is not available. Though some people use VPN to access it, others fall into the trap of such cloned sites.

Some of such sites are – 

  • Streameast.live
  • Streameast.to
  • Streameast.xyz

Ways to use Streameast securely

While streaming on Streameast has various risks associated with it, preventive measures can be taken while using it.

  • Installing an antivirus can protect the device from any malware that enters through this site.
  • Hackers on such sites can even access our device data through such links, so using a VPN while streaming can keep one’s identity anonymous, thereby preventing any attack on our data.
  • Using ad-blockers can help in blocking ads in the first place. Therefore, using it is highly advisable.


If not Stream East, what are the alternatives?

Though Streameast is one of the most popular choices for streaming sports events, due to the reasons mentioned before, users are looking for alternatives. However, it is more correct to divide the alternatives into two groups that contain paid and free alternatives, each group with its own sets of pros and cons.

Paid alternatives – 

  • HuluHulu is a paid platform that provides live content as well as TV shows and more. The subscription costs $7 (per month) with premium content like Disney+ available for extra cost.
  • SonylivSonyliv is another popular subscription-based streaming platform though it also provides some free content. The subscription of Sonyliv costs around $3.83 (per month).
  • CBS SportsThis paid streaming service is primarily for NFL and UFC fans though it also shows other sporting events. Its subscription costs around $74.99 (per month).

Free alternatives – 

  • USTVGOThis site covers live TV channels including various sports networks. It includes a wide variety of sports is user-friendly and displays comparatively fewer ads.
  • JokerLiveStreamConvenient site to live stream sports matches. It provides multiple sources for a single sports event.
  • FootyBiteIs an excellent choice for American football fans. It provides an apt streaming experience with fewer interruptions.

Winding Up

Thus, we can say that, Streameast has been the go-to site for streaming sports events for quite a while but there have also been an ample amount of opinions regarding its viability in terms of safety and smooth streaming. Though its users are still accessing it for live streams, many are seeking new alternatives too.


StreamEast isn’t considered entirely safe. Both StreamEast and any mentioned alternatives are pirated and potentially unsafe for use. Therefore, utilize them at your own risk. We do not endorse or recommend their usage.

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