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10 Degrees to Study to Help Your Career

University is an incredible experience if you get the chance to do it. From meeting new people to seeing what it’s like to live without your parents, there is so much that it has to offer. Students often see it as an absolutely life-changing time for them in almost every aspect.

Though you may go to university for a number of reasons, the main purpose is to get your degree. There are hundreds of courses to choose from all over the world, each promising you a solid education in your chosen field.

Some students choose their course based on just what they want to learn more about, while others pick ones that can help in their career. Though any degree can look good on a CV, there are certainly lots of degrees that can help you in the world of work. 

If you’re one of those students looking for a career boost from your time at university, here are some courses that can really do this for you.

  • Business studies

From the biggest corporate giants to the smallest of family companies, having knowledge of the business world is an incredible asset to have. A degree in business studies gives you an idea of how businesses really work, as well as a history of the world of business.

The knowledge that students gain from a degree like this can be used in almost any career that you go into. From learning to negotiate to finding out more about how to dissect a business properly, there is so much that you will pick up during your studies.

This course is arguably one of the best when it comes to opening up career options for you because every job you have is going to be part of a business in some way. 

  • Finance

It’s often said that money makes the world go round, and this is very much the case in so many ways. It’s for this reason then that having a degree in finance makes you a great potential employee for businesses. 

A finance degree can lead you on to different finance-based roles or just help you out in any career path you want to pursue. From starting up your own business to supporting a bigger company in its goals, a knowledge of the world of finance can undeniably help you.

So, whether you study finance at a university of your choice or are continuing your education with an online MBA in finance, you will certainly see the benefits

Finance graduates are often on the top of the list for many employers as they want someone who understands the inner workings of a business’s earnings and outgoings.

  • Accounting

Much like with a finance degree, an accounting graduate can find a number of high-paying jobs quickly after graduation if they wish. 

Whether you want to be an accountant or just want the knowledge this degree provides, either way, you will be a valuable member of almost any business.

Many accounting graduates work in the payroll and HR areas of big businesses, making sure that this side of things is running as smoothly as possible. Not a lot of people are suited for the detailed-oriented roles that can be found in these areas. So if you’re one of these people who are, it can certainly be a bonus.

  • A language degree

Many people put off doing a language at a degree level, and it’s understandable why. Language comes naturally to humans, and it’s weird to think about spending so much time and money studying something that you can learn in your free time.

However, not only does a language degree give you a much better chance of becoming fluent, but it also proves that you speak that language. Anyone who understands some French can put this on their CV but having a French degree really makes you stand out among speakers.

A second language can increase your employability by quite a bit, especially for bigger businesses. A good number of companies work internationally, so having employees that speak other languages is a great tool for communicating and making deals across borders.

No matter what language you decide to study, you will certainly stand out to your potential employer. Many students choose highly spoken languages in an attempt to make themselves more employable. 

Though this is a killer skill to have, learning a smaller language also has its benefits, as it’s less likely someone else you’re competing with will also know that language. When you come to a business speaking a lesser-known language, you are opening up that company to more opportunities. This is something they will likely find a lot of use for.

  • Law

Law degrees are popular among a lot of students because of what they can offer them in terms of future careers. Not only are there so many law-based careers out there, but you will also find that having a working knowledge of the law is an asset in any career. 

Businesses must follow the law, like any individual must, and put a lot of time and energy into making sure they are doing so. Having another person on the team that has a law degree and an understanding of how things work is very appealing to a company looking to take someone on. 

Law degrees are also notoriously hard and having one shows an employer that you aren’t afraid of hard work and know-how to do things like meet tight deadlines.

  • Engineering

The field of engineering contains a lot of different fields. From environmental engineering to chemical engineering, there is so much that this industry encompasses.

No matter what path within the engineering world you go down, though, your chances of being employed after graduation is high. Engineers are in high demand and almost always are.

In the modern world, engineers find themselves in different industries and are needed the more things change. Engineers working in sustainable energy are especially wanted at the moment, as so many countries and companies turn to greener energy; to help fight climate change and protect the planet. 

  • Marketing

The world of marketing and advertising has always been prevalent over the past few centuries, but now more than ever, the world sees more marketing than ever.

With TV, social media, and the internet, marketing is more important than it has ever been, and companies know this. If a business wants to stand out to its target audience and look better than its competitors, it needs a good marketing team behind it.

Due to this, marketing graduates can often find that they are in high demand and have the choice of companies to work for when it’s time to apply for jobs after university. 

Marketing is always changing and evolving. Someone with a knowledge of it can really mean the difference between success and failure for a business.

  • Computer science

People and companies rely on technology more than they ever have, and it’s not going away any time soon. Computer science degrees can give students a deep understanding and education on how this technology works, making them very valuable to the right employer. 

Even the unlikeliest of businesses likely rely on some sort of tech, not to mention the big companies that can’t function without it. When you’re a computer science graduate that works on the IT team and knows how to solve any issues that arise, you are almost guaranteed a job for life. 

  • Medicine

Humans always have, and always will need some sort of medical professional to support them when health issues arise. This is why a doctor or nurse will almost always be able to find work in some capacity.

Having a degree in medicine makes you a valuable employee for hospitals and other businesses all over the world. In fact, being a doctor or nurse can make emigrating so much easier as many countries want more of these professionals working there. 

From going on to become a doctor to working in the high-paying world of pharmaceuticals, there will be something to suit you.

  • Hospitality

Whether it’s working in the busy world of the hotel business, managing a restaurant, being employed by a travel company, or working in any type of service, a hospitality degree can really help you in any of these areas. 

Hospitality is a thriving business, with many countries relying on it heavily to be able to run properly. If you have a degree that focuses on this industry, you can expect to find a myriad of potential employers that want to hire you after graduation.

Working in hospitality can be stressful but also extremely fun and rewarding. 

Though you may get so much out of your university experience, it’s important to remember the main reason you’re there. Getting your degree and the career path it can lead you on is the most important takeaway from university for most students. Anyone of these degrees can definitely improve your chance of getting employed post-graduation.

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