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How to Use Groovy Bot in Discord: Best Tips and Guide [Updated in 2022]

Groovy Bot allows you play songs, tunes from several platforms including Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud. Discord is one of the most feature-rich compact chat programs available today. It is available on various platforms, including the web. Therefore, you can access it anytime, anywhere. Among the few convenient features of the program is the ability to assign bots. The ability to add bots to take care of certain tasks on the server is a real lifesaver. It significantly reduces the amount of work that needs to be done manually.

Groovy discord bot is one of the most popular bots for audio playback. It will greatly improve the user experience on your Discord server, because who doesn’t like to listen to music, right?

What is Groovy Bot?

Groovy is a way to stream your music online and share it with people on your Discord server. It supports different music sites compared to other bots and also supports a wide range of commands. Getting started with Groovy is very simple and does not require registering with any service. And what else? It’s free. However, additional features can be purchased.

Groovy has been around for a while, has been rebranded and redesigned, and is now one of the most popular and feature-rich music bots on the entire Discord platform.

Discord Groovy bot is a great choice for its availability and ease of use. It is compatible with YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify and allows you to shuffle songs, search for songs, queue songs, view lyrics, and has a permission system that allows you to restrict bot access to specific roles or users.

Groovy also features several premium options, such as the ability to change the bass boost, speed, and pitch of songs. Premium users can also include interesting sound filters such as Nightcore and Vaporwave. Overall, the Groovy discord bot is a simple and robust music robot that offers users everything they need for free. While many other music robots offer complicated controls and settings, Groovy simplifies things.

See the list of Groovy teams here. Click here to invite Groovy to your server.

Why should we use the Groovy bot?

  • One of the most stable music bots for Discord.
  • No registration required
  • No delays and simple operation
  • It has many functions, including changing the robot’s output volume
  • Supports various audio effects such as Bass Boost, Night Core, Vaporwave, etc.

How can I add Groovy Bot?

Adding the Groovy discord bot to your Discord is easy. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the Groovy Bot website.

Step 2: Click — Add to Discord — button on the website.

Step 3: Next, give groovy access to your Discord account.

Step 4: That’s it, you have successfully added the Groovy Discord bot to your Discord server. Now, start listening!

What do we know about Groovy Bot?

Discord is a great platform if you have an active community. However, it also comes with a number of challenges. Maintaining a thread on Discord can be a real challenge, especially if you are a moderator. Discord Groovy bot does a very good job of moderation. One of these bots is the Groovy bot for Discord.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the Groovy bot for Discord. With all these tips, you can effectively moderate Discord and add fun stuff at the same time. The name gives a clear idea of the Discord Groovy bot. With this bot, you can play songs, tunes from various platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, or Soundcloud.

Although there are already many music bots on Discord, the Groovy bot is interesting because it is easy to install and does not require much effort to run. So you will have more time to listen to your favorite songs.

The Groovy robot is not something very new, it has been around for a long time. However, it has undergone many changes and improvements over time.

They have also added some premium features, such as 24-hour non-stop music, added audio effects, queue saving, and more for Discord servers who want to pay for premium features.

The advantage of this bot is that when it plays music, there are no lags or delays on the Discord server and the music is of the highest quality. In addition, with this bot, you don’t need to use complicated commands to understand it.

What is the Discord Groovy bot?

Discord Groovy bot simply makes it easy to listen to your favorite songs, but other bots perform much the same function. The Discord Rhythm bot is also used to play songs.

But the Groovy bot is impeccably simple compared to other Discord bots. Since it’s been around, it’s added some premium features like uninterrupted playback of songs on your own Discord server, added some cool audio effects, buildup queue, and many other features you can try.

Discord Groovy Bot is one of the best music bots to play music without any modification on your Discord server. It is free, but there is also a premium package and if you subscribe to this package, you will get more features than in the free package. Let’s move on to the features of the Groovy robot that make it so cool among all musical robots.

What are the functions of Groovy Bot?

Groovy Music Bot has many features to try out. However, before you can test Groovy’s features, it must be installed on your Discord server’s voice channel.

Groovy bot features are as follows:

  • Stream your favorite music from sites like YouTube, Spotify, or Soundcloud to engage your audience.
  • Displays song lyrics while your favorite music plays.
  • You can add songs to the queue, save them to a playlist, pause them, resume them and even skip a song.
  • There is a free formula and a premium formula.
  • The Premium package offers additional features, such as 24/7 song playback, running the Groovy robot on multiple servers, etc.
  • Above, you can see the features of the groovy bot discord. Let’s see the list of its commands.

What are Groovy bot commands?

To test Discord bot features, you need to know some Groovy commands. The Groovy Discord Bot commands are as follows:

  • Play: Use this command to play any music from Spotify, Youtube, or SoundCloud via a link or from the search bar by clicking on it.
  • Queue: Use this command to display all your favorite tracks that are available in your queue.
  • Resume: Use this command to resume a paused tune.
  • Pause: This command pauses the currently playing song.
  • Shuffle: Use this command to shuffle the tracks added to the queue.
  • Nightcore: This control makes your song more enjoyable. By activating the Nightcore mode, you can create a more atmospheric effect in your sound.
  • Bass Boost: If you like to listen to bass-heavy sounds, this control will satisfy your desire and you can enjoy music with Bass Boost.
  • Lyrics: Use this command to display the lyrics of the currently playing song, if available.
  • Song: Provides information about the song being played, if available.

That’s not all, there are more Groovy bot commands, above are some basic commands for Groovy. If you want to use all the commands of this Discord groovy bot, you have to buy the premium version to use commands like speed, pitch, bass boost, etc.

How to use Groovy Bot?

Using the Groovy Discord bot is as easy as playing music. To use it, just type in the few commands listed above. For example, if you want to listen to music, you can simply type a link to the song or search for it in the search field. You can invite your friends in the Groovy bot to join your community. Apart from it, nowadays F95zone is a very popular game among gaming industry nowadays.

This Groovy Discord bot only needs a few basic commands to work, and these commands are very easy to learn.

Sometimes, the Groovy robot disconnects and does not respond. This is a server problem. To learn more, visit the official site and check the status. Make sure you have given all permissions to the Groovy bot to avoid this problem.

What is a musical bot in Discord?

Audiobot is a plugin that allows you to play music from YouTube, Spotify as well as from your computer storage in Discord chat and voice stations.

Did you know that you can make Discord highlights and many other formatted texts? If not, check out our separate Discord Markdown tutorials. Before adding music bots to Discord, you should know what they are.

What are the best Discord music bots for you? Well, let’s find out.

How can I play Spotify music with the Groovy Discord Bot?

Playing Spotify in groovy is very easy, thanks to the user-friendly interface you can play music through Spotify very easily through groovy.

  • Step 1: Open Spotify and select the song you want to play with Groovy.
  • Step 2: Next, click “More”, then “Share” and copy the link to the playlist.
How can I install the Discord Groovy bot on my server?

The Groovy Discord bot is easy to install and its complete setup will only take you a few minutes. But first, you must have an active Discord server to install the Groovy Music Bot.

You must have “Server Management” rights for the server to which you want to add this Discord music robot.

So follow the steps below to install the music robot on your Discord server.

First, visit the official Groovy website and register or click on the “Add to Discord” button that you can see on the home page of the site.

  • Register with your e-mail address if you have not already done so.
  • Next, you will see the authorization that the Groovy bot needs. Then you will see the “Add the bot to” option. Click the drop-down menu and select the Discord server you want to add Groovy music to.
  • Click “Next” and then click the “Login” button to complete the process. You will be prompted to confirm that you are a
  • Once verified, the Groovy music robot will be added to your Discord server.
  • Enjoy now when you can play your favorite song with the above controls.
What is Groovy Premium?

Groovy Premium is a paid upgrade that offers some additional features. Groovy users can take advantage of it by providing Groovy with their payment information. The fee will be deducted on the first day of each month, provided Groovy has access to your credit card or PayPal account.

Groovy Premium BOT for Discord Server Features?

These are some of the features of Groovy Premium:

Full volume control

You can adjust the volume of the music Groovy plays. You can lower the volume if you want to listen to it in the background, or raise it if you want to hear it more clearly, like in a bar.

Audio effects

You can change the mood of your playlist with different modes such as Bass Boost, Vaporwave, and Nightcore. This feature is perfect if you want to impress someone with your taste.


The best thing about this application is that Groovy stays on the voice channel indefinitely. For example, with the Best Radio app, you can listen to your favorite radio station all day long.

Automatic playback

Discord groovy bot automatically checks your listening history to select the best songs to play next. So you can listen to hours of music without interruption, without having to queue them one after the other.

Stored queues

Among the new features of the application is the “Save Queue” function, which allows you to save your favorite songs and listen to them at any time.

More groovy

Up to three Groovy can be played simultaneously. This is ideal for parties where you and your friends are trying to play a song simultaneously on different voice channels on your phones.


By now you have understood all the details about the Groovy discord bot including its features, controls, and installation process. Now you can invite Discord Groovy Bot to your Discord server to stream music from popular sources such as Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and Spotify.

When it comes to choosing the best music bot for Discord, it becomes difficult to choose the most attractive one. But after using Groovy, you may think it is the best music bot for Discord.

This is all about the Groovy Discord bot. If you have a good Discord community, this bot will be very useful to share great songs together. If you encounter any difficulties at any time, feel free to leave your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I play music with the Groovy Bot?

Just install the groovy bot from the official website by following our guide, and then you can play music with the groovy bot through commands.

What are the commands used for Groovy Discord Bot?

There are many commands for Groovy Bot such as -play, -song, -resume, and many others. We have already mentioned most of the basic commands above.

Is the Groovy Discord Bot free?

Yes, it is free. However, there are premium features that you can access by purchasing a premium package.

How can I use Groovy Bot in Discord?

You can use Groovy Discord Bot by following our guide.

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