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How AI is Providing Much-Needed Acceleration to Mobile Application Technology

Smartphones have now become a necessity for individuals. You can use a smartphone for surfing on the internet, playing online/offline games, watching videos, setting an alarm, learning about the time and date, making notes, making regular voice and video calls, chatting with others, attending or conducting a formal meeting, editing a picture, clicking photos, accessing your social media accounts and whatnot.

The best thing about a smartphone is its compatibility with different types of apps. Mobile applications are the most essential aspect of a smartphone. Without mobile applications, a smartphone is more or less a toy-like structure to play with.

If you are a business owner, try getting a mobile app for your business. You can get in touch with the best enterprise app development company for developing a dedicated enterprise app for your business.

It is highly suggested for you to connect with the best android app development company for getting an app made for your enterprise to flourish and gain maximum visibility in real-time.

Make sure you prefer the development of AI-enabled mobile applications for your business over other options currently available in the market.

Developing an AI-enabled mobile app can help you in providing a more personalized experience to your targeted users and will also allow your app to adopt automated learning capabilities as and whenever required.

Let’s take a look at the 5 ways in which Artificial Intelligence is currently providing much-needed support and acceleration to mobile app technology.

Business Advancements

A standard business seeks growth for sustaining itself and succeeding amid the hard-core competition prevailing in its industry. Owing to the benefits of app development, a lot of business owners are now resorting to getting a dedicated app developed for their respective businesses.

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A dedicated business app can help you in getting your products and services recognized globally and derive a positive response from your target audience from all across the world. Mobile app development works best with the development of reliable software for Artificial Intelligence and an enterprise app development company can provide you with the best apps in terms of their features, functions, and capabilities.

Advanced technologies along with integrated artificial intelligence can make significant changes in mobile development. This in return will allow your business to advance and achieve its long-term and short-term goals and objectives.

Enhancing Search

AI can enhance your search too. Previously, users can only search a query using only text and voice but now with the introduction of artificial intelligence, you can find a better result to your query using word advertising and visual advertisements.

Smartphones can now be very conveniently used for the purpose of visual search technology. Users can even opt for app localization in order to enhance their lead conversion rates. An integrated Artificial Intelligence can allow the developers to build an image and voice recognition platform in their mobile apps.

Real-time translations

There are innumerable applications currently available for translation purposes. These apps work best with a fast internet connection as it becomes easier for smartphones to translate foreign languages using the internet in real-time. Artificial intelligence also enables an individual to understand expressions and words easily apart from translating languages in real-time.

Facial unlock feature

Using this feature, users can set up a lock on their smartphones that can be unlocked as soon as they place their face in front of their phone’s front camera. The facial unlock feature works perfectly fine even when the user’s face looks slightly or completely different. This unlock feature has made it easier for users to unlock their smartphones in real-time.

Enhanced application authentication

Artificial Intelligence has enhanced the app authentication process as well. AI as a customer product is readily available. Technology is largely used by both offenders and organizations. Experts from the cybersecurity department have assumed that cybercrimes majorly take place under senior officials.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and other advanced technologies enable developers and techies to focus on enhancing user experience and a smooth authentication process. This enables the users in benefiting from not just safety but convenience too when using a smartphone and other technological devices.

AI is also exposed to certain threats and malware and for this, you can ask your developer to provide an added increment level to biometric authentication for preventing a potential hacker from hacking the device apart from the system. You can connect with a professional enterprise app development company for developing an AI-powered mobile app for your business. If you are planning on developing an android app for your business then make sure you get in touch with the best android app development company.

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