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How to Share Screen on Discord? [All Updates in 2024]

You will have to know how to share screen on discord if you want to inform your idea to your friends or partners. Here you will get to explain step by step how to share screen on Discord.

Discord facilitates voice chats and video calls, and screen sharing is ideal if you want to broadcast to a smaller audience than on Twitch, or if you want your colleagues to see your work as you discuss it.

Discord is a group chat application designed to bring together like-minded communities. It launched in 2015 for gamers, and while it remains popular in the gaming world, it has expanded to all sorts of other interests and topics. Maybe you want to get together to talk about a classic movie series, explore a joint project, or just chat with fans of your favorite YouTuber.

You don’t have to communicate only by text: Discord facilitates voice chats and video calls, and screen sharing is ideal if you want to broadcast to a smaller audience than on Twitch, or if you want your colleagues to see your work as you discuss it.

What is discord?

There are more than 2.6 billion players in the world, and a large part of the play and chat on Discord.

Discord was developed by a gamer for gamers.

At least, that’s how it started…

It moves away from the “gamer-only” brand and opens itself up to the fullest to anyone who wants to find a “place to socialize”. This applies to you and your team members.

It has become a popular alternative to communication applications such as Slack or Microsoft Teams. The best thing about Discord is that all of its basic features are completely free. Create an account, create a server, expand your server by filling it with users, communicate by text, voice, video, and on-screen chat without paying anything.

You can upgrade your account to Discord Nitro to extend the functionality and limits of video and live streaming on the server, but for most business users this is not necessary.

One of Discord’s best features is the incredibly high server limit. A single server can support up to 250,000 participants and 25,000 simultaneous online participants. This is more than enough for most companies using the platform.

In addition, each server can host up to 500 different channels, so that hundreds of conversations on different topics can be well organized. If you are concerned about security and privacy when sharing sensitive information, Discord protects your messages with two-factor authentication (2FA) and a specially designed client-server architecture to protect your IP address from disclosure.

Users connecting from another IP address must be verified by email, and other users can only join your server if you send them an invitation link.

With Discord, you have a secure private bulletin board, chat room and VoIP messaging system all in one. Since discord is a popular alternative to communication applications, so you must know how to share screen on discord.

How does it work to share screen on discord?

There are two ways if you want to know how to share screen on Discord:

  • As long as you are connected to the voice channel on the Discord server.
  • During a Direct Message (DM) call.

The first method offers more flexibility, as anyone with access to a voice channel can see your transmission, while the second method is useful if you only want to share the screen with a certain group of people on Discord. If you have VoIP messaging system, you should have knowledge about how to share screen on discord.

What are the reasons why you should use discord to share screen?

Screen sharing is essential if you want to share visual information with your partners and followers. It’s a great way to share your work and accomplishments with others.

If you can share a screen with live audio, it is useful even for teachers and students of online courses. But nowadays there are several platforms for screen sharing; of all of them, you should choose Discord and learn how to share screen on Discord.

The reasons why you should use this platform are very simple:

  • The easiest way to share visual information with your students, teachers, partners, fans, followers, and others.
  • You can text, voice, and video chat and share screens through the same platform.
  • Ability to listen to audio in real-time while sharing a screen
  • The platform can even be used to broadcast the game or other live shows.
  • The safest platform for screen sharing, as there is no risk of your account and data being hacked.
  • Before purchasing a package on this platform, you can try a demo version and then make a decision.
  • It is possible to take screenshots and record screenshots through this platform.

Do not forget to learn how to share screen on discord if you want to share visual information with your followers.

How to set up video/camera and share screen on discord

Before enabling screen sharing on the Discord server, first, check your video and audio devices and configure them correctly on the Discord server. Now connect your webcam and microphone if you want to video chat. If you just want to stream your screen to the server, you don’t need to set up the camera.

Click on the gear icon located to the right of your username and in the lower-left corner of the Discord interface. That’s why it’s very important to acquire knowledge how to share screen on discord for video chatting.

  • Now go to the menu on the right and scroll down to the application settings.
  • Now select Audio and Video to adjust the voice and video chat settings.
  • Scroll down to the video settings and select Video Camera from the drop-down menu.
  • You can test the video on the right to make sure everything is working properly.

Thus, by following these steps, you can learn how to share screen on Discord.

How can I change settings to share screen on discord?

If you have already known about how to share screen on Discord and started doing this on Discord, you don’t have to stop and start again to change the settings. Instead, you can change them on the fly. This is also very easy.

When you share your screen, you will first see a small pop-up window of your screen in Discord. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see a gear icon called “Stream Settings”. Click on this icon.

From here, a stream settings menu opens where you can change the frame rate and resolution and switch to another window or application if you want to share something else.

This is very useful if you want to work on different applications or projects at the same time. Reducing the resolution or frame rate can help if your stream is stuttering. If you are sharing the screen with notice that your stream is stuttering or that the sound and video are interrupted, try reducing the resolution and frame rate to make the stream more manageable. All need to know the discord settings before how to share screen on discord.

What to consider before knowing how to share screen on discord?

Knowing how to unlock your cell phone screen is one of the Discord tips and tricks that will help you use the app more effectively. However, don’t forget that when you share on your smartphone, all notifications, texts and other apps are also displayed.

Before you switch to share mode, close any other applications you are using so that they do not disturb you. To prevent text messages from interrupting your work, enable the “Do Not Disturb” feature in your phone’s settings.

Remember that all participants in the conversation can see what is happening if you switch to another application on your phone. If you have sensitive or personal information, it is best not to reveal it during the conversation. Notifications and other apps will be available after learning how to share screen on discord.

How to share screen on discord in mobile — iPhone, iPad and Android

The in-game communication app has added a video calling feature to Discord, which allows you to use the webcam and microphone on any voice channel. Fortunately, this feature is compatible with Android and iOS mobile operating systems. In short, iPad and iPhone support webcam and microphone sharing.

  • Join the language channel of your choice.
  • Click on the video camera icon in the lower-left corner.
  • Apple disables the camera function in third-party apps by default. So tap the Device Settings to get the permission.
  • Press the camera button to give permission.
  • Now you can work live and share your microphone and camera functions with everyone.

We have tested the feature on Android phones and iPhone and it works perfectly. The video quality is good on a 4G network and I expect it to work smoothly on 3G mobile connections. However, you can’t share your phone’s screen on Discord and this feature is not available. I’m sure the Discord team will add a phone screen sharing feature in the near future. However, at this time, you have to be aware of how to share screen on Discord to know the next steps.

I’ve double-checked the video options settings, but Discord hasn’t had time to add advanced options for video call users. I’ve shared the snapshot above showing the number of options available in the settings when the camera and microphone are used together in a video call. Adding video calling feature will be available, you achieve the matter how to share screen on discord.

How can I enable to share screen on a PC and a Mac?

Find out how to activate and how to share screen on Discord here:

  • Click on the user settings icon.
  • On the left side, under “Application settings”, you will find the “Language and video” option.
  • Click Install under Screen Sharing to get all the additional plug-ins you need.
  • Enter the password (if required) and click “OK” to install the desired extension.
  • This button is not visible when the computer is ready for screen sharing.
  • This way you can share the screen of your device.
How to share screen on discord during private voice call?

You can also prepare private voice calls with your partners or followers when most Discord operators pass their time on servers, which are populated by hundreds of users. These calls are invitation-based, meaning that one of you must invite someone to join the conversation.

  • Search for your friend’s profile and initiate a voice or video call with him/her.
  • You must accept your challenge before you can share your screen.
  • When both of you are in conversation mode, you should see an icon on the screen with an arrow.
  • After clicking on the “Share screen” icon, a new window appears where you can make the final settings before sharing your screen.
  • In this pop-up window, you can select the application you want to share or transfer the entire screen and adjust the quality settings.
  • Now click the Go Live button to share your screen.
  • A voice prompt sounds for you and all call participants to indicate that you are sharing your screen.

Using the same icon, you clicked to start screen sharing, you can also stop the transmission. You can also end the conversation, which will automatically end the screen sharing. So, it is needed how to share screen on discord for making private voice calls with your friends.

How to share screen on discord with my smartphone?

You can use the above methods to share your screen on Windows and Mac devices. You don’t even need to download Discord to transfer your screen, as the web application has the same tools. However, for mobile devices, it is not as easy as it seems and mobile device users have had to wait a long time to be able to share their screen on Discord.

The developer launched the feature on Android and iOS devices in late 2020 so mobile users could join the party.

 To share the smartphone screen during a private call:

  • Launch the Discord application and start a conversation with at least one person.
  • When both are in a call mode, you will see a screen-sharing icon with a picture of the phone next to the video call and mute buttons.
  • Click on the “Screen Sharing” icon.
  • For Android or iOS, a warning will appear to inform you that Discord can see everything that happens on your screen while you are recording. To continue, you need to press OK or I Agree on most Android devices, and for iOS users, there is a second Start Transfer button.

If you want to learn how to share your screen on a language server, the procedure is also quite similar.

  • You must first join the voice channel on the server.
  • Immediately after connecting to the voice channel, a window appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • This panel contains buttons for video calls, screen sharing, microphone and audio switching, and a disconnect button.
  • Select the screen sharing button, a phone icon with an arrow pointing to the right.
  • If you accept the extra system prompt, you share your screen with all voice channel participants.
What are the advantages of how to share screen on discord?
  1. Increased productivity in meetings
  2. Improve technical assistance
  3. Strengthen your position with your customers

How to share screen on discord server?

Discord’s screen sharing feature was launched in August 2017. It allows users on your Discord server to view and interact with your screen.

You and 9 colleagues can have a live video chat at the same time and share your screens. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to set up Discord to control this feature and activate the split-screen function.

First, let’s look at the basic voice and video settings you need to make to take full advantage of Discord’s capabilities, especially if you want to talk how to share screen on Discord or share your screen for video chat at the same time.

How to save and share screen on discord?

One of the absent options on Discord is that the capability to record your own screen and share the record with team members.

There are many reasons why you may want to register your screen:

  • Create a study or instruction manual.
  • Show your team the finished work.
  • Communication with customers.
  • That is why we have developed CloudApp.

CloudApp is a fast, easy-to-use, and completely free dictation device with many features.

It is a complete tool with which you can
  • Capture HD screen recordings.
  • Record high-quality videos with the webcam.
  • Records the screen at the same time as the webcam.
  • Take an unlimited number of screenshots from Mac or Windows.
  • Create useful GIFs.

How to share screen on discord for Live message?

If you want to share your Discord screen in a live private message, the steps are slightly different. First, there is no automatic voice channel you can join, so you have to start a video call.

Next, just press the screen sharing button that appears on the main call control in the center of the screen. You can then share the screen in the same way as in the voice channel.

How to share screen on discord for one window?

Don’t want to share the entire desktop screen? I’m going to explain how to share a window while keeping the rest of the applications and desktop screen invisible. I like this configuration because it allows me to maintain privacy and work without others knowing what is on the desktop.

  • Reconnect to the voice channel on the server and press the “Go Live” button.
  • Select “Applications” and then a window from the list.
  • A new window appears on the screen, which you can start with “Go Live”.

How do I upload games to Discord?

In this case, PC administrators need a decent gaming computer for the process.

  • Start the game by staying in the lobby and minimize the window. Check the name of the game displayed in the lower-left corner and click on the computer icon.
  • A window appears on the screen. Then press “Go Live” to start the transmission.
  • A new window appears on the screen and the flow starts.
  • Registered users can minimize the video window and watch it normally. I have maximized the video window for the demo and you can see the number of viewers.

How to share screen on discord while facing common problems?

Discord screen-sharing audio is not working. There are several reasons that lead to these problems, and each of them may apply to you as well.

This could be due to the lack of stability of the sound mechanism when the screen is used together in the initial phase.

Discord, like all other audio applications, uses the audio drivers already installed on your device. If the audio drivers have problems or are corrupted, this can cause problems.

Application or management problems

If your problem is any of the above or if you have other problems, try the following solutions:

Fixed a sound problem while sharing the screen on Discord.

  1. Restart the computer and check whether it works or not.
  2. Update discord
  3. Update the current version of Discord by pressing the Windows logo key + R.

4. Enter % local application data% and press OK.

5. Double click on Discord.

6. Click on update.exe

7. Update the audio driver.

Update the audio driver, you can do this with Driver easily.

  • Resets the settings of discordant voices.
  • Open Discord and go to the settings. Now click on the Language and Video option and then click on Reset language settings.
Improving access
  • Press the Windows logo key + E to start the file explorer.
  • Navigate to the folder where you have installed Discord. By default, this is the Program Files folder on the local disk Cc.
  • Once the installation directory is open, click on the application and select Properties.
  • Now go to the Compatibility tab and activate the “Run this program as an administrator” option.
  • Save the changes and exit the application.
  • After completing the above steps, check whether or not your problem has been resolved.
Frequently asked questions about how to share screen on Discord:
How to share screen on discord in mobile?

By default, Windows 10 is the only operating system that allows sound for screen sharing. Therefore, if you are using a MacBook or iMac or a system running Linux or another lesser-known operating system, you cannot share sound by default.

There are solutions, such as this one shared on Reddit, but it requires many steps and additional software downloads.

How can many people share screen on Discord?

Traditionally, there is a limit of 10 people for all Go Live streams on Discord, so that all users have a good experience without performance issues. However, Discord itself increased this limit from 10 to 50 users in March 2020 to help people survive the coronavirus pandemic. No exact end date for the limit hike has been given, but it is expected to be lowered again.

1. Why can’t I share screen on Discord?

After learning about how to share screen on Discord, have you faced trouble to do this? There are several issues that can arise. First, make sure you are working in the desktop app and not the mobile app. Second, make sure you are running Discord as an administrator. If this still doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling Discord. If the new version doesn’t work, you may need to email [email protected].

2. Why is my Discord split-screen black?

If you share your screen but it is only black, you may have a problem with your graphics hardware. Update your graphics card drivers and also update Discord to the latest version. Close all unnecessary programs at the same time, as they can consume valuable memory, which could be the cause of the split screen failure.

3. How can I improve the quality of the Discord screen design?

If you want to improve the quality of Discord screen sharing because it freezes, you need to check that your Internet connection has sufficient download speed. Many broadband providers offer fast download speeds, but slow upload speeds, so you may experience jerks and delays when downloading a video.

If you want to improve the video and frame rate for screen sharing because you want it to look better, you’ll need to upgrade to Discord Nitro, which costs $49.99 per year or $4.99 per month.


This was our guide in detail on how to share screen on Discord. We hope you find it useful and understand easily about how to share screen on Discord. If you want to know more about Discord and its options, check out the other recommended guides on this page or go to the “How to use Discord” page for a complete list of all guides, sorted.

Apart from it, if you are interested to know the Groovy bot,  Discord spoilerhow to recover deleted Facebook page, and WhatsApp business for beginners, you can follow our Tech category. Thanks for reading!

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