Rory John Gates: Everything You Want to Know About Bill Gates’s Son

All About Rory John Gates

People always like to know about your personal and professional life when you are the children of the second richest person in the USA. Yes, today we are going to know about the son of Bill Gates and his name is Rory John Gates. There are lots of photographs and things are available on the internet about Rory and but still, there are many things to disclose about him.

Rory John Gates is the son of Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. He has 2 sisters Jennifer Katherine and Pheobe Adele Gates. There are 3 years of gap in each of them. Rory was born on May 23, 1999, in Seattle, Washington in a Christian family considers the most extravagant family on the planet. He has a degree in Computer Science and Economics, MBA degree.

He is the middle son of the family and most loved especially by his mother and sister. To know more about Rory John Gates read the article till the end. So let’s begin the journey.

Rory John Gates Family:

Well, as he is the son of the richest man in the world he taught to be stick to the roots and behave respectively and kindly with everyone. Melinda left Microsoft to raise the kids and taught him the best behavior. Bill Gates works 16 hours every day without taking leave so it is the responsibility of a mother to teach good things to their kids.

Nowadays people like to give their children space and let them grow and understand the world, but the Gates family lives together and comfort kids. Bill Gates bought the property in 1988 for $2 million and the luxurious house is 66000 square foot which is decorated with lots of amenities and technology.

The house is equipped with sensors, and built-in a way to regulate temperature efficiently. It also has six kitchens and the house is known as ‘earth-sheltered.

Not a Public Figure:

Melinda always takes care of these things and does not allow their kids in front of the camera. They keep their lives very private. They just live their life like normal people under strict rules and regulations.

Rory Gets Mobile Phone at 13:

Yes, it is true Bill and Melinda want their kids to learn the value of money and live without tech gadgets as much as possible. Before 13 no kid allows a cellphone. If they want to make calls then they can do it from a home telephone. When he turned 13 he gets his new cellphone.

No Social Media:

Well, the star kid has no social media accounts on any platform and he is very personal in his social life. We can say that he is an introverted guy and keep things more personal than his sister as well.

Raise Kids as Independent Child:

Bill Gates already declared most of his property for charity and the kids also take part in it. The kids do not have so much property if Bill Gates died. So from now on only each of the kids has to create their career and make the place. Apart from an MBA Degree, Rory John Gates has a place with English, German, and Irish ethnicity.

He also writes poems at the age of 10 and everyone knows that he is going to join Microsoft company soon to support Bill Gates and take the company to the next level. Rary also took part in a volunteer program and helped people to explain worldwide issues like poverty and malaria. His total asset is $20 million.

Personal Life:

As we know that Rory John Gates, son of Bill Gates keeps his life very private and doesn’t like to speak about it with anyone. Well for female fans it is great to know that he is still single and not dating anyone. You can say that he is a good learner and can also become a writer in the future if continues the writing work. It is hard to say that Rory chooses Microsoft or another passion to pursue. As daughters do not take an interest to join the company so it is possible that Rory comes forward and takes it to the next level.


According to the sources, right now Bill Gates’s property is said to be worth $123.54 million and allegedly he pays $1 million tax every year in the USA. So we can say that Rory John Gates will be the best for the future generation and everyone has lots of hopes for him. Right now it is possible that he is taking his practicing and taking his time to understand the business and we hope that he comes up with new ideas which will take the Microsoft company on a different level and open new doors in the field of technology.


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