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Different Ways To Test Safari On Windows

Many people know that Safari is only an Apple browser. However, Windows users may download it to try out some of its capabilities. Safari for Windows OS is a good idea if you want to test your website on Apple hardware and you can also check how your software appears. You may peruse Links and add items to your Reading List; it is more than just a simple web browser. Through the iCloud Keychain, you may also access your credit cards and stored passwords. The company’s safe contactless payment system, Apple Pay, also allows users to purchase products and services.

Who Needs To Test The Safari Browser On Windows?

Many times, website owners are entirely unaware that their Internet sites may appear well in one browser while being utterly inaccurate in another, as well as which devices, operating systems, browsers, and browser versions are being used to access their resources. The responsibility is entirely on the QA testers, who conduct various cross-browser tests to account for all phases of development. Because of this, they use several services that enable them to test Safari across a variety of browsers and operating systems, regardless of the device you use, in addition to Windows.

Each web browser has a distinct target audience, according to studies. You run the risk of losing some of your visitors, each of whom has the potential to become a customer if you do not modify the appearance of your website for various browsers. The fact is that it is crucial for the site to work in all browsers.

Consider the case when your website won’t load in any browser, like Safari. These browsers will prevent users from seeing your website. Do you want to know what it means? That implies they won’t ever visit you again, which will decrease site traffic and the number of subscribers. As a result, cross-browser compatibility must be taken into consideration by website owners. We all know that the more customers/visitors you lose, the less money you make. That is why testing for Google Chrome on Mac, Opera on Linux, and Safari on Windows are all crucial.

Does Windows Support Safari Installation?

Although the developers do not currently maintain the Safari version for Windows, this does not prohibit users from installing earlier versions for Windows 7 and other Microsoft family operating systems as they flawlessly function on them. 

Users of Windows may download and install Safari for Windows 10, but they should be aware that they will be forced to use an assembly from 2012, which comes with all the associated drawbacks, including sluggish performance, the inability to update the program, a lack of modern technologies, and more importantly, potential security flaws.

Various Techniques For Windows Safari Browser Testing

In this section, we will have a look at the various techniques for testing Safari on Windows.

  • Utilize cross-browser testing tools

A crucial step in testing that ensures your visitors have a seamless experience is to test your website across various browsers. However, testing websites on several browsers without a Mac might be challenging.

You may see your website in numerous browsers at once using cross-browser testing tools. This is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to pay for these services or if you’re just interested in how various websites seem on Safari.

You can mark your bugs straight from LambdaTest to any bug management service, including JIRA, Trello, Asana, GitHub, GitLab, and Slack while doing cross-browser testing on all versions of Safari on Windows. By connecting LambdaTest Tunnel, Windows users may access several internet Safari browsers to test locally hosted or privately hosted web apps for cross-browser compatibility. 

With LambdaTest Tunnel, you can automate web tests using Selenium and Appium for pages that are hosted locally or privately. Additionally, you may test your website on Safari browsers remotely from several places to guarantee a pixel-perfect experience everywhere. Safari browsers for Windows may be tested for geolocalization,  geotargeting, and geoblocking in more than 50 nations, including India, the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Australia, and others.

  • Make use of a virtual machine (Virtual Machine)

If you don’t own a Mac, you may use your computer as the server and a virtual machine to test Safari on Windows local host. The browser may be operated within Windows or Linux on a number of virtual machines.

You may quickly and simply test websites using the top-recommended virtual machines. A file system that is identical to a virtual machine’s disk drive is built by this process. It makes it possible for several operating systems to coexist on the same host, and it works especially well on Mac for testing websites in Safari without having to buy the Mac PC.

Prior to adopting a virtual infrastructure for online resource creation and testing, it is essential to choose the most appropriate, dependable, and effective virtualization platform that satisfies all organizational development process criteria. By using virtual machines, you may avoid the issue of incompatibility and test Safari on Windows with both current and older versions of the functional testing without any special complications.

The main drawback in this situation, however, includes the uncontrolled use of operating systems and application software licenses, the inability to integrate into the organization’s current IT environment, and the high cost of solutions. The uncontrolled deployment of virtual machines also leads to conflicts in the network infrastructure.

  • It’s Most Convenient to Use iCloud on Windows

The Apple cloud service software for backing up and syncing data across various devices is called iCloud. Despite being mostly incorporated into Apple goods like Mac computers and iPhones, Windows PCs can also use iCloud.

On your Windows 10 desktop, laptop, or tablet, you may download and install the official iCloud for Windows software from Apple. By installing this program, you can sync certain data from your iCloud account to your Windows device. All you need for iCloud access on a Windows device is an Apple ID and password. You will have access to other Apple goods like iTunes, all thanks to this.

A new Photos folder is generated on the Windows device after iCloud for Windows installation. File Explorer has a folder that you can find. This folder may be used to view files from your connected iCloud devices or to upload data from Windows to your iCloud account, depending on the choices you choose during the iCloud setup. Files and data will be synced to the iCloud account for each folder. The iCloud for Windows program will also sync data to all linked devices.

In Windows File Explorer, all of the iCloud folders will be instantly added to the Quick Access menu. As soon as you launch File Explorer, you should be able to view those directories. It’s crucial to remember that, except for future preference changes, the iCloud for Windows has very little use once you’ve used it to set up your folders and settings. The freshly installed application’s new folders are where you’ll manage all of your files.

Although Safari may be downloaded and installed on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 machine, we advise against using it. It is not feasible due to the security threats alone, plus compatibility difficulties prevent you from using it for any meaningful online surfing.

Since synchronizing your passwords and bookmarks is the most probable reason you would want to install Safari, the only other option is to use iCloud for Windows. However, if you do have the time and just want to test out the most recent version of Safari, installing macOS as a virtual machine on your computer is your best bet.

Why Should Windows Users Download And Install Safari?

Safari operates efficiently on your Windows 10 PC with a simple style and clutter-free user interface. Apple’s sources claim that the browser runs faster and more effectively than rival browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Here are several justifications for why using Safari is preferable to using another browser.

  • Security and privacy: Only the Safari browser respects the user’s privacy. The most recent update that prevents other parties from following your movements is provided via a new version of Intelligent Tracking Protection.
  • AutoFill Passwords: This function of the password manager is available for both iOS and macOS Mojave, and it will significantly simplify your online life. By using face ID, you may log into an account. You would just need to input your credentials once, therefore you would no longer need to remember passwords. The two-factor authentication security codes, which are made available by third-party businesses, are likewise covered by the autofill capability. One option that Google Chrome has lately begun to provide is the suggestion of an automatically created super-strong password for the user. The first browser to provide this option was Safari. You have the option of adding the passwords to your Keychain.
  • Speed: Compared to Chrome, Safari is far more user-responsive. The two browsers’ page loading times don’t vary much from one another. In comparison to its competitors, it uses a very tiny amount of primary memory. While requiring fewer system resources than other browsers, the graphics integration enables Safari to provide a smoother scrolling experience and clearer feedback.
  • Improved Battery Life: The battery life of the PC is negatively impacted by the Chrome browser. Safari was created by Apple in a manner that allows users to get the most out of their devices’ batteries. Several sites claim that using Chrome instead of Safari might result in a daily power drain of up to an hour. In earlier systems, this is particularly true. Apple offers a safe hardware setting. In general, the Safari browser uses fewer processors than Chrome and runs fewer separate processes.

Why bother downloading Safari for Windows in the first place when it has not been out of development for years, you might be presumably asking. The standard response for Windows PC users is that you should not install it. It could be crucial to keep earlier versions of browsers accessible for testing reasons or to support a certain client for other skilled users, such as developers, designers, UI testers, and support technicians. Advanced Mac users use this to test new releases like Microsoft Edge and older versions of Internet Explorer in Mac OS. Should you only use Safari for Windows, that is the question? No, absolutely not, is the correct response. 

Use Chrome, MS Edge, or Firefox if you are a Windows PC user in need of a reliable web browser. The primary justification is that these browsers are still in existence whereas Safari for Windows has been discontinued for a very long time. However, if you still need it, you may utilize the technique above to run Safari on a Windows computer.


The need for user-friendly web browsers has increased as a result of the constantly developing tech sector and its innovations. Usability improvements have been made to the Safari browser for Windows OS. Additionally, it provides special features and technologies that give it an advantage over competing browsers on the market.

However, a lot of users would have found it more convenient if Apple had continued to support Windows PCs and provided updated versions of Safari. Particularly this would be helpful to designers of apps and testers who need to test their work on several browsers. Naturally, there are a number of options. Investing in a browser testing program that will provide you with a secure route and let you use the most recent version of Safari is a wise move.

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