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Bored Working From Home: Here Are 7 Ways You Can Have A Lot Of Fun

Working from home has several advantages, including improved performance, company continuity, and a better work-life balance. But, it can also make employees stressed and bored over silly problems

Working from home was formerly considered a luxury, but it is now standard practice in both large and small enterprises. We agree that working from home is convenient, but it may be inconvenient too if not well handled.

Tips To Have Fun While Working From Home

When you used to work from the office, no matter how stressed you were, sharing things with your colleagues and taking group lunches used to cheer you up. But, remote working does not give you that facility.

In that case, you can browse through ipiratebay.org to entertain yourself. Although this is an effective way to have fun while working, it might reduce your productivity.

That’s why we have collected the top ideas and tricks for having fun while you are working from home.

1: Play Virtual Games

Playing virtual games with your colleagues can be a lot of fun, and it can increase employee engagement at a significant level. You can either play a virtual rock, paper, scissors or engage yourself in a virtual jigsaw puzzle game as long as it is fun.

Turn the games into healthy competition. Make sure the person, or the team who wins the game, gets a prize. It doesn’t have to be anything lucrative, but a small bonus or free shopping coupons can also raise the bar of the game and encourage people to participate.

2: Schedule Themed Lunches

We know you are not able to take a lunch break with your colleagues in remote work as you used to do in the office. But, you can still take full advantage of the lunch break and make it a relaxing session in your whole day of work.

Schedule theme lunches with your team, and practice eating in front of the computer while interacting with your friends. For example, if you schedule a Mediterranean theme one day, that means everyone will have to prepare a Mediterranean dish and eat that during lunch.

3: Take Short Breaks for Exercise

Everyone will not take breaks simultaneously, so encourage employees to take small breaks in-between work to exercise. It can keep their blood flow and increase their muscle strength; otherwise, sitting for 8 hours straight can cause headaches and leg sprains.

If someone wants to go for a short walk after lunch, appreciate them doing so. But, make sure they take the break in a designated hour; else they will lose their productivity. Taking short breaks for exercise helps people focus on work better.

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4: Encourage Employees to Brainstorm

The only way to have fun while working from home is to increase employee communication. Schedule 30 minutes of brainstorming sessions every day after lunch, and hear everyone’s ideas about how they could improve their work or how the company could improve its ways.

Once your employees understand that their voices are heard, and their opinions are appreciated, they will be more comfortable sharing their ideas. It will also help increase staff motivation and staff engagement.

5: Practice Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness for 30 minutes a day can keep stress and anxiety away. However, since remote working can make people alone, it can significantly increase one’s stress level. So, make sure you practice mindfulness exercises to avoid procrastination.

Everyone may not be comfortable practicing mindfulness in the same way. Some may find it helpful to meditate, while some may find it useful to practice mindful listening or mindful awareness. Indulge people in doing this if you want them to give their 100% at work.

6: Celebrate Small Wins

When you work in the office, celebrating small wins may not be a big deal, but working from home creates a significant impact. But, how do you do that?

You can announce the small success events at Zoom meetings and give employees an extra 30 minutes of break. If that doesn’t seem viable, you can also give them free lunch coupons or spa coupons to celebrate small wins.

7: Give Employees Meaningful Work

When employees work from home, it’s better to give them work they enjoy. They may not like challenging work when they are stuck at remote working because they won’t have enough motivational factors to handle those kinds of work now.

Once you give employees meaningful work, you can help them nourish their creative persona. Thus, their mental and physical health well-being ratio will improve, and they will have more fun while working.

Signing Off

When you work from home, there is an increased chance of getting bored and frustrated more frequently than ever before. So, you can take a look at our suggestions and apply these to your remote work routine. If any of these ideas work well, you can let us know in the comments below.

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