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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Infrared Sauna?

There is no denying the fact that ‘sauna’ has emerged as a major wellness trend in the past few years. Gyms, health facilities, sauna centers, and even doctor clinics now come equipped with specialized rooms where individuals can unwind and relax.

Celebrities and sportsmen seem to swear by sauna therapy as a way of cleansing and relaxing the body inside out. Everyone from Lady Gaga to Gwyneth Paltrow seems to advocate their benefits every time they come in front of the camera or on their social media profiles.

While traditional ‘steam’ sauna facilities have become fairly common now, the advent of an infrared sauna is a recent health trend. In this article, we are going to explore the merits of infrared saunas. We look to explore their major benefits and conclude whether they are really better than their traditional counterparts.

This blog post is one of many which mentions the key things to consider before using an infrared sauna, along with the many benefits associated with using one. People are advised to use an infrared sauna if they have been consuming alcohol or if they have a fever or feel generally unwell. Pregnant women should also avoid using an infrared sauna.

Infrared Sauna: What you need to know

What happens to an individual’s body when they walk into a sauna?

The steam heats the body to an increased temperature. This increase helps in bringing major health benefits.

Traditional sauna helps in heating the air first and then proceeds to heat the body. An infrared sauna, on the other hand, uses electromagnetic waves to provide heat to your body directly.

The effect is that the heat reaches straight to the body’s tissues. Additionally, you do not need a high temperature (150–180-degree Fahrenheit that is common in traditional saunas). Infrared saunas work between 120-to-140-degree Fahrenheit to achieve the desired results.

When your body is exposed to an infrared sauna, the following changes take place-

  1. There is an increase in your heart’s race to anywhere between 120 to 150 beats
  2. The blood vessels of the body enlarge and carry more blood to the different parts
  3. This contributes to better blood and oxygen flow and circulation to the organs

You can say that the effects of an infrared sauna can be compared to physical exercises. You can spend a good ten to twenty minutes in an infrared sauna session to see marked results.

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Major Benefits of Infrared Saunas: According to Health Experts

  • Detoxification of the Body- 

Sweating during the infrared sauna helps the body’s skin to eliminate toxins from the body. In fact, almost all health and medical centers that specialize in running detoxification programs make sure that their candidates are taking infrared sauna sessions at least three to four times a week. This helps in relaxation, improves the body’s functioning, and boosts blood circulation.

  • Reduces Muscle and Bone Stiffness-

Leading athletes and professional sportsmen engage in infrared sauna immediately after an intense workout session or game. This helps them regain strength in their bones and muscles and eliminate stiffness which is common after strenuous activities. In other words, an infrared sauna session helps in aiding the natural recovery of the body, especially muscles and bones.

  • Better Sleep and Adequate Relaxation- 

There is no denying the fact that work pressures and personal problems can take a toll on an individual’s sleep patterns and mental health. Being in a sauna session allows you to pamper and care for yourself. This aids the body’s overall relaxation levels. Additionally, it plays a major role in inducing sleep and helping in the natural restoration of the body’s cells.

  • Improves Skin Condition- 

All of us are concerned with the way we look. We spend hundreds of dollars on buying beauty and cosmetic products. Being in a sauna helps you achieve clear and tighter skin. Infrared waves have a positive effect on our skin (facial as well as body). Sweating enables the washing out of harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses that lead to acne and other conditions.

  • Builds Blood Circulation and Oxygen Flow- 

In the opening sections of the article, we discussed how an infrared sauna can help in dilating blood vessels and carrying more blood and oxygen to different parts of the body. This helps in aiding the body’s natural functioning. The organs in the body are able to perform their role much more effectively. This builds immunity and prevents you from suffering major illnesses.

The Final Takeaway

It should be kept in mind that if you have a pre-existing heart condition or are pregnant, you should first consult your doctor before going for an infrared sauna. You should also be adequately hydrated before you go for the session. Finally, if you are new, you should take small steps in terms of the temperature as well as the session time. If you would like us to discuss any more points on the infrared sauna, please let us know in the comments below.

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