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Essential Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad

You’ve taken the plunge, sorted out visas, booked the plane tickets, and are making the big move abroad to pastures new. Now the hard work of preparing for the move itself begins. Considering several essential things will ensure that your international move goes smoothly and relatively stress-free. 

Store, Ditch, Or Take

Unless you’ve been living out of a paper bag, guaranteed you’ll have more possessions than you can reasonably take with you. Go through your possessions and decide what you can sell or throw out. If there’s any doubt that the move won’t be long-term, consider what possessions you can live without for a couple of years and investigate storage for them. You can always send them later, and it cuts down the immediate cost of shipping.


International shipping isn’t cheap, so to help with the previous step, set a realistic budget for what you can spend on shipping and get a few quotes from various shipping companies. Account for any special shipping needs you may have, such as car shipping companies, if you plan to take a prized vehicle with you. Double-check that the companies you approach handle that type of vehicle, as some companies ship cars but not motorcycles. Once you’ve determined likely costs, you can adjust the take pile accordingly, then book the necessary shipping.

Where To Live

A hotel room is fine for a night or two, especially if you’re likely to arrive outside of office hours, but having medium to long-term accommodation arranged is recommended. Contacting realtors in your destination town or city lets you figure out the housing market in advance. Undertaking virtual house tours allows you to arrange a property in advance so you can move in as soon as you arrive. Or the realtor can have in-person viewings lined up for you, though this option may see you in short-term accommodation for several weeks.

Sell Or Let

If you’re a homeowner in your home country, consider if you want to keep hold of your house in case the move doesn’t work out. The benefit of renting out your house is it generates passive income, and you have somewhere to live upon return. The downsides are finding an agent to manage it, tax complications, and you may not have access until the occupant’s lease expires. 

Healthcare Costs

Health care systems and thus costs vary widely worldwide, making it vital to investigate what costs are before arrival. A New Zealander moving to the UK will get free primary healthcare for free under reciprocal healthcare agreements. Anyone moving to the USA needs to factor the cost of private medical insurance into the budget. The best place to find the relevant information for your situation is on official government websites, as third-party websites may not be updated accurately.

Moving to a new country is tremendously rewarding at any stage of life. And by taking into account a few essentials while planning, you’ll have a smooth move, letting you get on having adventures in a new culture.

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