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The Impact of the Technologies on Your Life

Find out how technology affects our lives!

Description: One thing is sure – we are all profiting from this huge technological development! But have you ever wondered about the general impact it has on us? If that is the case then you might be curious in learning more about the ways technologies affect human lives!

What things come to your mind when you hear the word technology? Most of you will answer, smartphones, smartwatches, the Internet of Things, driverless cars, etc. Are we right? In recent decades we are hearing so much about technologies that many of us believe that the word technology always and necessarily refers to new things. Nevertheless, it is not like that.  Stone tools, such as chopping tools are considered the first technological invention. They are made nearly two million years ago. 

So, as you see technology has been with us for quite a long time! However, it seems that there hasn’t been a period in history when technologies affected practically every sphere of our lives as they do now. These days, wherever we turn we are faced with incredibly rapid technological progress. If you ask us, we would say it is developing so quickly that it is becoming super difficult to follow. Take cell phones for example! When they first appeared four decades ago, everybody thought it is a wonder of technology! But only twenty years later ordinary cell phones were already outdated and replaced with smartphones! And while these things were a luxury at a certain point, today there isn’t a person who doesn’t have a smartphone, fancy smart gadget in their house, etc.  But, it is really necessary to understand that it impacts aspects of life. For example, before you had to argue every time with kids who don’t want their veggies!  Now you have the option to give the best fiber gummies which they will happily eat because they don’t have the sometimes unpleasant veggie flavor.

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The faster technology is advancing the more people feel opinionated about it. Some believe that the digital era is the best thing that has happened to us! Others feel that we are becoming slaves to technology! What’s your take on technology? In our opinion, each technology that arrives has the potential to improve lives. However, we also think that it has the equally important potential to negatively impact our lives. In this text, we are going to discuss some of the most common ways technologies affect human life. 

What is Technology? 

Before we explore further how technologies affect your daily life, let’s see what it is, to begin with. SO when talking about the technology we have in mind any created application which uses science to solve the problem. In the past, examples of this were a compass, calculator, ship, etc. Now we have laptops and robots. And in the future, people will use only Bitcoin, travel in driverless or flying cars, and rely on Artificial intelligence for many things.

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How Technologies Affect Us

Improved Learning

When talking about ways new technologies affect our lives first thing that we have to mention is learning. Indeed it became more interactive and collaborative. These new opportunities enable people to engage with materials and overcome difficulties they may have with learning. Plus, you have better access to resources. The internet allows you to have access to information for the entire world, every day of the year, regardless of time differences or anything else. Besides, the Internet allows teachers to teach remotely, regardless of their location. Similarly, students can more easily do quizzes ad exams. Apart from this, studies show that students are learning much better from YouTube than from standard textbooks. 

Improved Communication

Tech changed the way how we talk and communicate.  How do technologies affect communication? In the past, we had to wait until someone returns home, so we can talk on the phone, right? Or we were sending letters that sometimes needed a month to arrive! Well, not anymore! Now we have emails, Skype, social media, etc. The ability to talk with loved ones who are far is essential for everyone. That is especially true for the long-distance couple. You know that long-distance is challenging anyway! Can you imagine how hard it is now when most of us can’t travel! Well, if you are wondering about technologies’ effect on relationships, here is your answer. Now, it is much simpler to maintain good communication and keep the relationship stable because we have FaceTime, Whatsapp, Viber, etc. 

Lack of Communication

At the same time, however, it is critical to mention some negative technologies’ effects on health. Do you remember how there were moments in the past when you couldn’t hear your thoughts because of other people’s chatter in a bar or a restaurant? You often find yourself thinking, “Those were the days!”Don’t you? You are not the only one, we have to tell you! Many times, entering a bar, restaurant, or public transport, we are shocked by the images we see.  It appears as if people have lost the happiness of seeing each other. Everybody you see around is playing games, etc., or they are hanging on social media or chatting with some. 


Can you guess how many hours per year an average person spends using the phone?! What if we told you that the balance is somewhere around two and half hours daily, which means that you are spending roughly 35 days doing nothing. It became such a serious problem nowadays that it also has a name –tech addiction.

Ease of Sopping 

We like shopping, do we now? But of course, when you are working all day long and the only weekend is your time off, you probably don’t imagine spending half of the day shopping. Fortunately, we can buy things online.  Shopping on the net is ideal for all the busy people who want to look good have good equipment at home but don’t have time to search from shop to shop. But even if you do, technology affects us in physical shops as well. Wondering how? Well, thanks to technology, we don’t have to carry a bunch of cash with us – we can simply pay with credit cards or our phones. 

Negative Effects of Kids 

The ways technologies affect your lifestyle can be best observed when you look at kids. Nowadays, unfortunately, we are dealing with an increase in obesity in kids. Of course, junk and processed food, as well as sweets are significant contributing factors. Nonetheless, as you might have noticed, kids today don’t spend nearly as much time outside as we did. The main reason is that they have access to all those electronic gadgets to play with. However, experts say that it is essential to limit the time they are allowed to spend playing video games.  They also add that it is much better to enjoy unstructured playtime outside than anything else.

It is Damaging the Nature

How do technologies affect the environment? Well, this is a problem that calls for our constant and undivided attention. Although there are ways in which technology helps nature, many people use technology to damage it.  When talking about technologies affect nature, it is necessary to mention the exploitation of essential minerals, massive carbon footprint and energy use, etc. 

Final Word 

Technology is undeniably part of our life! It is indeed essential to say that technologies affect us in more positive ways than we can imagine. As we mentioned, learning became much easier. So did access to healthcare, for example. Finally, we can say that it also made our lives much easier than it was before – we can be independent in searching for accommodation when traveling; we can cook delicious meals even if we are not professionals, etc. But as we say, it can also have a negative impact! It is critical to be aware of it and try to minimize the consequences as best as possible! Do you have some examples of how tech impacts our lives?

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