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Must Read Before Reaching Out China for Study MBBS

First of all, we want to thank people who are reading this article now. We are an authorized university representative who can study MBBS in China, Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines, China, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, and Central America. These are exciting times; most people who seek to study medicine like you will read this article. I understand that you will have read many articles about studying MBBS abroad before reading this article. This article will show real-time student life after learning options and facilities during the study. In recent years, many Indian students hope to study medicine abroad. The reason is straightforward; they could not afford fee which private institution in India offers.

Study MBBS


Study MBBS

Also lots of students who have not cleared the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) exam are choosing MBBS in China as a good option. So now there is no other option for Indian students other than studying somewhere under their affordable budget. The parents will get so many questions in their minds before they send their child many miles away from home.

Steps Before You Make a Decision

  1. Ask the student if he can live alone and realize his ambitions.
  2. Tell students clearly that their main job is to study.
  3. Consider money issues seriously.
  4. Usually, total expenses include tuition, hotels, food, and miscellaneous items.
  5. Approximately 4 shellacs per year.
  6. Now, if you are satisfied with the above steps, please proceed with the admission process.
  7. Many universities abroad are studying MBBS.
  8. The government funds most of them. This facility will benefit most universities.

Visa Process

This is one of the tricky jobs in India. There are many documents and legal procedures for obtaining a student visa. In some countries, students must appear in court for a visa interview. I strongly recommend that you leave this matter to our dedicated consulting agency; we can handle all visa work. This will save a lot of time and money.

After Landing in Abroad

At this stage, students will be under tremendous pressure. There will be many new things in the student’s mind, such as a new place, no friends, hard-earned father’s money, no one to help, etc.

Some Points Which Students have to Keep in Mind

  1. Am here to study
  2. I know that my father spent a lot of money to realize my career dream of becoming a doctor
  3. If you are friendly to everyone, it is easy to meet friends.
  4. I should do well
  5. I need to prepare for the MCI (Medical Council India) screening test during the learning process.
  6. I need to reach out to senior students to learn more about places and people.
  7. Please ask students to keep the above points in mind.

Method of Education in Abroad

Okay, now you have made up your mind after studying abroad in MBBS. These students have just left school, so they will consider how to teach in India. Some students will be shocked by the teaching methods of foreign university teachers. But this is how the teaching system of most foreign universities (such as the United Kingdom, the United States, or any other western country) will adopt. Students must put in more effort to understand more details about the subject. For students, the first year is always a difficult time because they must adapt to this situation. Things will be fine after the second year.

Hostel Facility

Foreign universities charge approximately US $ 700 to the US $ 1000 in accommodation fees each year. Please don’t expect too much from university accommodation, because they are very cheap. Students will get basic facilities such as electricity, water, heater, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Students must make adjustments with their roommates.

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