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Top Ways Temperature Monitoring Systems Solve Logistics Problems

Some of the biggest logistics issues revolve around how to get products from one place to another without damaging them. This is particularly relevant when you’re dealing with items that need to be temperature controlled throughout the journey.

That means the temperature at the factory has to be right, the temperature in the truck has to be right and maintained, and even the correct loading and unloading procedures need to be adopted. 

In short, you need to know the temperature is right throughout every stage of the journey and the best way to do this is by using a temperature data logger.

What Is A Temperature Date Logger?

All refrigerated trucks have units that are designed to cool the air and maintain it at the level set by the thermostat. In theory, this keeps the items safe throughout their journey. However, if anything was to happen to the thermostat or the cooling system you may not know about the issue until the delivery was completed. 

A temperature data logger takes the uncertainty out of the equation. In essence, it monitors the temperature at set intervals throughout the journey. Every time it checks the temperature it records it, creating a log of the temperature throughout the journey. This gives a more accurate picture of temperature fluctuations in the truck.

The better systems will be remotely accessible to encourage monitoring by the courier service and to record the data. This should be available to the sender and the receiver. In fact, a good remote system will even sound an alarm if the temperature approaches or exceeds the defined parameters. 

But, it’s not just about logging the temperature regularly or alerting you if it is in danger of being too cold or too warm. There are other ways in which a temperature monitoring system can solve logistics issues

  • Customization

A key factor of the tracking system is that it can be customized, allowing you to define the parameters and when the alarm will be raised. This can ensure you have enough time to get to a defective truck and correct the issue or reload the supplies onto a different truck. 

  • Sharing

Temperature monitoring systems also make it possible for you to share truck space. Because the parameters can be set you can allocate unused space in a truck to someone else with the same parameter requirements and make the cost of transport cheaper.

At the same time, it will be more efficient. 

Level Of Monitoring

Temperature monitoring systems can simply monitor the temperature of the truck at a given spot. Or there can be multiple sensors to monitor the average temperature as well as the low and high temperature of the truck. 

But, you can also get systems that connect with individual packages, ensuring that anything important gets there at the right temperature and it can be shown to be the case. 

If you need to transport temperature-sensitive goods you should investigate what monitoring system your courier is using.

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