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5 Tips for a Successful Dance Studio: Business Advice

Dance studios are a great way to exercise. They can be fun! But, running a dance studio requires knowledge of many different aspects of the business. If you want your studio to succeed, you need the right equipment and supplies, proper marketing techniques that will attract new customers without driving away old ones, and much more! A successful dance studio depends on the owner’s ability to get his or her staff, students, and community excited about the business. This article will discuss five essential tips for successful dance studios that can help make your business thrive.

1) Hire professional dancers to teach classes

Professionals can teach the choreography to their students and have enough experience to teach classes such as jazz, ballet, tap dance, or modern. This will give your studio a more professional atmosphere which can attract customers looking for quality lessons in these styles. If you’re not hiring professionals, it’s important to hire instructors with a background in dance. In either case, it’s important to hire instructors that are passionate about their work and excited to teach!

Many people believe they have what it takes to be a professional dancer or an instructor for the studio–but often don’t take into account how difficult this career is. This is why it’s important to hire instructors that are passionate about their work and excited to teach–not just someone who will show up for the paycheck or cares only about being famous.

2) Create an online presence- use social media channels like Instagram or Facebook

Online presence helps to attract potential customers. Instagram is a social media site that allows users to upload 100-second videos of what they’re doing at any time. Studios need to create an account on Instagram and post daily, or as often as possible! You can also use a fitness booking software for fitness management. Use hashtags explicitly related to the type of dance you teach, such as #ballet or #moderndance. This will allow all posts (from other users). It can be helpful to have both Facebook and Twitter tabs in your studio–many people follow both.

3) Surprise your Customers

Surprise your customers with a bit of a dance routine! Show them the skills you’ve learned. This will be more fun and memorable for both parties than if they just watched it on video or saw pictures of others doing it. Dancing is all about sharing, so share your talent! Your studio can have lessons where students teach other kids how to do a dance routine. For the parents, this is a great way to get their kids excited about taking lessons while also allowing them to have some fun with other children!

4) Don’t Forget to Network

It would help if you never were shy about networking. A great way to make your business more successful is by networking with other studios that offer a similar type of dance. Approach them and ask if they would like to trade information with you–either by offering them flyers or having them give you some in exchange for your own! Many people will be surprised at how much they can actually learn from others who are also in the dance industry.

5) Establish your Studio in Prime Location

Dancing is a trendy hobby for children. If your studio offers classes or lessons, make sure that the location is in an area with plenty of kids and their parents to sign up with you! A good idea would be to establish yourself near schools, so it’s easy for families to pick up their students after taking lessons. I mean, set it in an area accessible by most people. It’s a pretty obvious tip, but it really can make all the difference.


This blog has so many valuable tips for anyone in the dance industry. Hopefully, you were able to take something away from it! Practice these ideas, and you will run a successful Dance Studio.

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