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How to Make the Perfect Coffee in 5 Steps (Less Than 6 Minutes)?

Make the Perfect Coffee in Less Than 6 Minutes

Making coffee is like giving an opinion on politics or speaking English. A national sport that everyone practices assiduously without having very clear rules. And we do not say it. The figures speak for themselves: according to a study by Centered Coffee and Health Information (CICAS), 80% of people adults consume coffee daily.

However, only 10% of these individuals have basic notions about the concoction they drink daily.

Perfect Coffee in 5 Steps

This drink, made up of 90% water, is a simple and inexpensive pleasure that only requires a clear series of guidelines to enjoy it as God intended. And don’t abuse it, of course.

“Knowing the origin, characteristics, and nuances of the coffee you are drinking – as if it were a wine – is something that almost nobody does and, nevertheless, it is essential to fully enjoy the experience”, says the coffee specialist barista at Cafento.

One of the things our expert recommends is not adding sugar to the coffee. “If the coffee is good, you don’t need it,” he says.

Brewing a coffee that will thrill even the pickiest coffee grower is a matter of, first, making sure there is a coffee maker for home, and second, accepting that you can’t do everything at once.

There are only five steps that will make a difference and it will not steal more than six minutes. Of course, you have to follow the steps scrupulously. We begin:


Make Perfect Coffee in 5 Steps

1. Mix? Forget it: it’s like pouring a good wine home

It is a very typical scene: go to the supermarket and grab the first coffee we find on the shelf or go straight to the one we always buy without analyzing our tastes or the characteristics of the product we have chosen.

“It is a very common discourse. I hear many people say that they buy ‘mix’ because it is the one they have always used at home, but they really don’t know what it means, “For optimal results, use 100% arabica coffee”, Arabica is a low-caffeine type of coffee that has some acidity and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

Contrary to what happens with robusta coffee, which is very strong and bitter, arabica is ideal to drink alone, without milk or sugar. If you still have half a package of mixed coffee at home (a fusion of arabica with robusta) and you intend to put these steps into practice with it, forget it: “Using a mixture is like pouring a good wine homemade,” says the coffee specialist.

2. Heat the water, but don’t let it boil

The most common mistake when making coffee is wanting to do it all at once. You have to follow the steps. “First you have to fill the water tank up to the valve and put it on the fire without the filter and without the upper half of the coffee maker.

That is, putting only the part of the water tank,” explains a coffee specialist. But be careful, we must remove it from the fire before the water boils.

At this point, it is normal for one to ask oneself: “But how do I know that the water is ready to be removed from the fire?” Calm down, the coffee expert gives us the key: “When the water starts with a slight bubbling it is time to remove it from the heat.”

3. The coffee must be whole grain and must be ground immediately

coffee must be whole grain

Yes, you have to buy coffee beans, because it preserves the flavor and aroma much better. And yes, you must buy yourself a grinder. An electric one in good condition can be found for about 15 dollars.

Forget about grinding the entire packet of coffee at once to store in the cupboard until the next time. Or even worse: don’t even think about buying already ground coffee. “The coffee must be ground at the moment, while the water is heated, to preserve all the aroma and flavor”, explains the expert.

For his part, the barista coffee specialist details the correct point of grinding: “The texture that should remain in the coffee is very similar to that of the sand on the beach. The coffee has to be fine but with consistency”

4. Make a hole in the middle when the coffee is in the filter

To avoid physical damage, it is best to place the filter with the coffee and close the coffee maker using a cloth that prevents us from clapping our hands. Because remember: the water has been heated before.

“You have to fill the coffee filter to the brim, but without pressing or squashing it, and make a hole in the middle that matches the tube of the Italian coffee maker. This way, the coffee comes out sooner and helps to have more crema “says a specialist.

Once the filter and the coffee are in place, the top is screwed on, the lid is left open and the coffee maker is put back on the fire. Indeed, the lid open. If it is closed it limits the flavor of the coffee: “If the lid is open, the water heats up more slowly and is in contact with the coffee for a longer time as it rises. That gives more flavor to the coffee.

If you do it with high heat and With the lid closed, the water rises faster and is in contact with the coffee for less time, “says a barista expert.

When the characteristic noises of the coffee makers appear and the coffee starts to come out – after a minute and a half, more or less, since we put it on the fire – the lid of the coffee maker is lowered and it moves away from the fire “, his expert.

5. And finally, don’t be anxious and let it rest

coffee specialist

Before rushing to pour your coffee, stop for a minute, and enjoy the intense aroma of the concoction you are about to taste. “Once we have removed the coffee maker from the fire, we must let it rest with the lid down for 60 seconds so that the coffee settles, ” says the coffee specialist.

After this time, the time has come to enjoy that cup of good coffee that you have prepared yourself (and in less than six minutes). Starting the day right can be very easy.

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